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COAX products - Modulight

COAX products - Modulight


Reliability informationExample (ML-C-1310-FP-10GRELIABILITY REPORT) Thresholdcurrent@85°C submount temperature,measurement period 24 h.Reliability SummaryParameter Measured value UnitsMedian Life (ML) @ 25°C 1.23E+07 hMedian Life (ML) @ 40°C 5.86E+06 hMedian Life (ML) @ 80°C 9.10E+05 hStandard deviation Ω of ML @ 85°C 1.09Wear-out failure Rate @40°CAt 5 years ( λ 5) 0 FITAt 10 years ( λ 10) 3 FITAt 20 years ( λ 20) 12 FITRandom Failure rate ( λ r) @ 40°C 60% C.L. 1169 FITRandom Failure rate ( λ r) @ 40°C 90% C.L. 2922 FITWear-Out Activation Energy (Ea) 0.4 eVRandom Failure Activation Energy (Ea) 0.35 eVThe table shows example results forone of Modulight’s products. Completereports can be fetched from Modulightwebsite or requested by email relatively high failure rates forrandom failures are due to the lowamount of test hours (~150000). Evenwithout any occurred random failures,one million device hours at 85°Cresults in 451 FIT@40°C with 90 %confidence limit.48

Liability noteThe information herein is given to describe certaincomponents and shall not be considered as warrantedcharacteristics.All statements herein are believed to be reliable andaccurate. However, the accuracy is not guaranteed,and no responsibility is assumed for any inaccuraciesor omissions. Modulight reserves the right to makechanges in the specification at any time without priornotice.General InformationWhere Modulight is shown to have failed to exercisereasonable care in the manufacture and/or supply of theGoods and such failure results in death or personal injurythe Company shall not be liable in respect of claimsarising by reason of death or personal injury. Furtherunder no circumstances whatsoever shall the Companybe liable for consequential loss (including removal orrectification work required in connection with installationof repaired or substitute Goods) loss of profits or damageto property.Modulight’s liability in respect of such items not manufacturedby it shall be limited to the liability of thesupplier to Modulight of such items. Modulight assumesno responsibility of any kind of use or non-use of theproducts.Modulight’s liability whether in respect of one claim orthe aggregate of various claims other than claims fordeath or personal injury due to negligence on the part ofModulight shall not exceed the purchase price payableby the Customer under the contract and the customeragrees to insure adequately to cover such claims inexcess of such amount.For latest product information and questions on products,technology, full delivery terms and prices please visitModulight webpage at or contactour main office in Finland or some of our representativeoffices. For contact information, see back cover.Safety informationLaser light emitted from laser diodes may be invisibleto human eye and may be harmful to the human eye.Avoid looking directly in to the laser beam, visible orinvisible. Avoid exposure to the laser beam, any reflectedor collimated beam.Products may only be used in life-support devices orsystems with the express written approval of Modulight,Inc. Life-support devices or systems are intended tosupport and/or maintain and sustain and/or protecthuman life. Their failure may endanger the health of theuser or other persons.ESD informationProducts are subjected to risks associated with sensitiveelectronic devices including but not limited to staticdischarge, transients, and overload. Please take careof proper ESD protection prior to handling the products.Customer is solely responsible for the proper storageand usage of the products.49

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