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X22/14C-GB-TCD-UK - Sky Media UK LTD

X22/14C-GB-TCD-UK - Sky Media UK LTD


CONNECTING A GAMES CONSOLEConnecting a games console cansometimes seem very difficult. We havesimplified it to three options dependingon the cables that you have.Option 1 – Connecting via Scartto AV adapterIf you are supplied with a cable from theconsole which has YELLOW,RED & WHITE connectors you mustconnect via a SCART to AV adapter(Some console include this)Option 3 – Connecting via ComponentcableIf you are supplied with a cable from theconsole which has RED, GREEN, BLUE,RED & WHITE connectors you mustconnect via Component (for picture)and by 3.5mm to phono cable (for sound).TV Source should be set to Component.TV source should be set to SCART.*Available separatelyOption 2 – Connecting via HDMI cableIf you are supplied with a HDMI cable isthe easiest option. A HDMI cable canoutput both video and audio and enablesyou to enjoy digital-quality video andaudio with minimal loss of picture quality.TV Source should be set to HDMI.28

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSQuestion:I have tuned in Digital TV butI am not receiving any or all of thechannels and/or the channels I receiveare breaking upThe sound quality is high pitched?I have inserted a disc but it is not playingThe subtitles are switched onwhen I am watching a DVDI have connected the TV to my VCR viaSCART but it is not recordingSolution:1) Check you are in an area that canreceive Freeview. or call08701 111 270.2) Check you have a suitable aerial.Many indoor aerials will say they aredigital ready, but you will not geta good signal3) Consider purchasing a signal booster,it is much cheaper than a digital aerialand cures 70% of poor signal problems.4) Failing the above for now use theanalogue TV, until the signal becomesstronger in your area.For best performance we recommend using anoutdoor hi-gain digital aerial. If you are receivingsome digital stations first try to connect a signalbooster in between the TV and TV aerial socketGo into the sound settings menu asshown earlier in the manual and increasethe level of the bass and decreasethe treble1) Ensure you have inserted put the discin facing the correct way forward2) Ensure the disc is clean and is notscratched3) Some copied discs will not play.4) Check the DVD is a region 2 disc – to changethe region of the DVD player, refer to ‘ChangingRegions’ in the DVD section of this user guideEach time you press [Subtitles] buttonyou switch between the different languages.Off is one of the options. If you still havesubtitles on, access through the DVD discmenu and switch offIn addition to connecting via SCART, youshould connect the aerial cable from thewall socket to VCR and another aerialcable from the VCR to the TVIf you are still experiencing problems please contact the HelplineCustomer Support/Technical HelplineSky Media UK LTDTelephone: 0871 2000 463Email: our web site for further Trouble shootingand frequently asked questions.29

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