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Turbulent mixing of oil droplets in a round water jet

Turbulent mixing of oil droplets in a round water jet

Figure 3.1: Experimental

Figure 3.1: Experimental set-up.3.1.2 Oil-water mixtureThe oil-water mixture is created by a LIGA micromixer with 40 µm channel width [IMM, 2003].The working principle is pictured in figures 3.2 and 3.3.The two fluids are introduced into the mixing element as two counter-current flows, streaming intoa interdigital channel configuration with corrugated walls. The lamellated flow leaves the deviceperpendicular to the direction of the feed flows and after contraction droplets will be formed.The characteristics of the emulsions created by the micromixer are known in a limited range offlow rates and ratios. Up to a volumetric flow rate of 0.11 ml/s, at an oil water ratio of 1:1, abimodal size distribution is observed with a sharp peak at 15 µm. Above 0.11 ml/s the dropletsize distribution changes into a monomodal one. Increase of the total throughput decreases themean droplet size [Hessel, 2001]. A diagram of droplet size distribution as a function of the totalvolume flow for a 1:1 silicon oil in water emulsion is shown in figure 3.4.Macron EDM 110 is used as the oil phase. This is an oil with a relatively low viscosity (µ =20

Figure 3.2: Working principle of the LIGA micromixer. From: IMM (2003).Figure 3.3: SEM images of a mixing element consisting of 2 x 15 interdigitated microchannelswith corrugated walls. From: IMM (2003).Figure 3.4: Number density distribution of a 1:1 silicon oil in water emulsion as a functionof the volume flow rate using a 40 µm LIGA mixing element. From: Hessel(2001).2.6·10 −3 kg/ms at 20 ◦ C, measured with a viscometer, type Contraves low shear 40) and a measureddensity of 810 kg/m 3 . The interfacial tension of the oil-water interface is measured by forming a21

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