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Year 6 Transition Welcome Guide PDF - Brune Park Community ...

Year 6 Transition Welcome Guide PDF - Brune Park Community ...


Brune Park Community School - Welcome GuideMedical informationIs there a School Nurse?Yes we have a fully qualified nurse to providefirst aid, attend medical emergencies andtake action where needed to make yourchild as safe as possible.The School Nurse may contact parents if aconcern has been raised about a student inschool.What happens if my child is unwell?If your child is unwell they must tell theirteacher who will refer them to the SchoolNurse, if they feel it is necessary.Students are not permitted to use theirmobile phones to call homeYour child will need to be collected fromschool if they are unwell. Please makeprovision for this. If you know you are goingto be unable to collect them, indicate on themedical form a person who is able to do so.Emergency contact detailsIt is vital that we have an emergency contactnumber in case we need to contact youduring the school day. Please remember toupdate this if there is any change, via yourchild’s mentor or reception.Please keep us up-to-date with any changesin your child’s health during the next fiveyears.Please complete and sign the medicalquestionnaire stating clearly any medicalproblems your child has. There is also aconsent form for giving of paracetamol bythe School Nurse should your child need it.All prescribed medication should be leftwith the School Nurse.If your child is taking medication ona regular basis, prescription or nonprescription,you will need to sign a consentform giving clear instructions for the SchoolNurse to dispense it.Antibiotics need only be given during theschool day if they are required four timesa day. Please send a letter giving clearinstructions with the medication.Inhalers (if used) and epi-pens should becarried by your child in school; give theSchool Nurse a spare one in case it is lost orgets broken.What should I do if my child is sick?On each day of absence telephone theschool to let us know on 023 9261 6000 andchoose the first option.On return, please provide your child’smentor with a note to explain the absence.My child has a medical appointment?Please make appointments out of schoolhours if possible. Remember, school ends at2.30 pm.Your child should give their mentor a notefrom you or an appointment card prior tothe appointment if they need to attendduring the school day.Are their immunisations up to date?Have they had an eye test recently? Theseare free at any opticians until age 16 and itis recommended that children have a sighttest each year.Is your child registered with a dentist?Children should be seen every six months toprevent dental problems arising and treatthem effectively.

Brune Park Community School - Welcome GuideRewardsVIVOStudents at Brune Park are rewarded fora huge range of things. The main rewardsystem we operate is called VIVO Miles andit acts like a personal bank account for eachchild. Staff have a certain number of VIVOsto issue each week, and the students canamass VIVOs for anything from good classwork to taking part in House competitions,for good attendance, citizenship and acts ofsupport. The online VIVO shop has a hugenumber of items from pens and pencilsto guitars and DVD players available topurchase with credits earned in school.Students can also, if they prefer, chooseto donate some or all of their VIVOs to theHolidaysAll schools in Britain are open for the samenumber of days each year. The academicyear is divided into three terms with theChristmas, Easter and Summer holidaysdividing the terms. There is also a one weekbreak in the middle of each term. In additionto the standard school holidays, your childwill not be required to attend school duringBank Holidays and Teacher Training Days.You will be notified of term, holiday andTeacher Training Day dates in the monthly‘Brune Park Life’. Parents are requested notto arrange family holidays during school timeas the Headteacher will refuse permission.various charity fundraising events we havethroughout the year.TripsIn addition to the VIVO system we alsoreward students, including the Prefectsand Senior Prefects with trips. We alwaysgive those we wish to thank an opportunityto choose their reward. In the past wehave taken the Prefects to Thorpe Park.While weekend residential trips have beenorganised to thank Senior Prefects for theirhard work throughout the year.Postcards and CertificatesFor exceptional workand effort acrossa series of lessonsstudents may have apostcard sent home.Departmental postcardsare sent when a studenthas shown real commitment and consistenthard work. In addition to this we celebratesuccess and issue certificates for excellentwork throughout the year during HouseAssemblies. At the end of every academicyear each of the four Houses holds a HousePresentation Evening and those who havetruly shone out in each House are thankedand rewarded. Parents and / or carersare invited to the evening to share theexperience and be a part of the celebrations.Go KartingWe also have a number of Go Karting ticketswhich can be won for 100% attendance,entering House competitions and variousother competitions throughout the year.The tickets are valid at Gosport and anyof the other Teamsport Karting venuesaround the country.Putting Learning FirstPutting Learning FirstPutting Learning First

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