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4·2B CP

4·2B CP

Medical- and observer -

Medical- and observer - teams link upbefore patrol.ICA patrolNorbatt has a long standing tradition in humanitarian work. Themedical patrols in the Israeli controlled area South of UNIFILarea of deployment is coordinated with OGL Teams Sierra andX-Ray. The youth has fled and the natural development is thusstalled due to the front-line situation of attacks and forced recruitment.A political solution is needed, but till then UNIFILassist legal authorities with medics, dentists and veterinarianspatrolling with interpreters twice a month when possible.The dentist helps out! Veterinarian AursjØ foundfriends. Queing up in Houle.Norbatt AOHumanitarian committee funds local efforts, amongst otherssupplying diesel for heating the Arkoub schools during winter.The Blate school is one of many inside Norbatt AG.First graders in Blate.Not a branch, but a whole olive-treefrom A coy peacekeepers ...73

Visitors&InspeetionsColonel questioned by Canadian TV.Caritas Libancampaigning.

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