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4·2B CP

4·2B CP

The Checkpoint is also a

The Checkpoint is also a squad-camp,both of utmost qualities -located betweenFraidiss and Ain Jerfa with the nicestview towards Hebbariye.A rifle squad of 9 men conduct the dailyduties in the CP, town-patrolling inFraidiss, roadclearing "VK 8" - and inaddition mortar illumination supportfor Coy Bravo in the Hebbariye-valleypatrol-points.The fact that 4-10 during cont. 38 is anA coy position has been difficult toreconcile for Bravo old-timers. LOTSof routine work would have had anyonecrumble under the strains, but the crewpresently serving in 4-10 finds this onlyadding to their strong mental motivationand perseverance.The fact that 4-10 is so small has made4·10' CPtears run from the eyes of soldiers intheir sleeping prefab whenever onionsare cut in the kitchen. Our only welfare offer is the dinner (sic! ed.) brought from 4-8HQ, and the videocarevery forthnight.Due to our size and location we're forgotten by ger. However we never forget why we're here, and thanksto the Chefs in 4-8HQ we keep motivation strong, and contribute to the peace-keeping efforts in the mostconvincing and excellent way. And we will continue to do so ...4-10 LagsJeir - The squad's camp. Mortar firing by Sølna, Langhelle.59

BALTBAT PROJECTThe Baltic Battalion is a joint project betweenseveral nations in Europe to provide a new peacekeeping battalion for the United Nations. The Balticstates Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania recently regainedtheir independence and, looking Westwards,took the idea from the Nordic UN cooperationwhich enables small countries to assist the WorldBody in peace keeping efforts.The Estonian company will be a part of the Balticbattalion, which may receive a mission from theUnited Nations some time in the future.UNIFIL FC's inspection.Estcoy's history dates from the 8th of July '94 when theministry of Defence ordered its formation. After leadershiptraining the period from January to September '95 sawBasic military training course under the British Royal Marinesinstruction. The soldiers were trained in Estonia before thewhole company was fitted with Norwegian equipment andtraining in the end of September '96.Estcoy attracted Lebanesemedia's attention.The six-month stay in Norbatt is the firs~mission for an Estonian company abroad.Judging from the unison positive responseit will not be the last.Guard of honour show ed the Flag.60

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