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Running and Debugging with CCSv5 on Linux V2.pdf

Running and Debugging with CCSv5 on Linux V2.pdf

Indian Institute of

Indian Institute of ScienceCEDT6. Hit finish to complete the project creation wizard. Now you have a complete CCS Projectready for you to add source files ong>andong> compile.7. Adding Source:From the main toolbar select File > New > Source File. Ensure that the source folder isthe correct project ong>andong> that an appropriate extension is used. Use the default C templateto begin ong>withong>. To this file add the source shown below. If there’s something you dontunderstong>andong> in the code below, this is not the document you should be reading.✞/∗∗ Csource . c∗∗ Created on : 16−Jan−2011∗ Author : k a b h i j i t∗/#include void main ( ){int i =0;while ( 1 )i ++;}✝✆✌8. Build: Build the project using Project > Build from the top menu. A successful; buildwill result in the generation of an ’out’ file.If you get errors like ”Could not open stdio.h” it means there is a permissions problem.Check that you have read - write access to the CCS installation directory 1 .Figure 8: Build Succeeded1 Tip: You can do this by using ls -lahR. There is one warning about default stack size - this can be safelyignored or nowAbhijit Kshirsagar 6/8 January 18, 2011

Indian Institute of ScienceCEDT9. ong>Runningong> ong>andong> ong>Debuggingong>:Now that the program has been built, it ready for debugging. In the main menu, selectRun>Debug As>Code Composer Debug Session. Since we have not done specifiedany settings for the target or debugging hardware, the IDE now propts you to Create anew target configuration. Click YES to proceed.Assign a sensible filename such as Linux XDS100 F2812 2 . Dont use a shared location- this will allow each project to have its own hardware configuration. Ensure that youretain the .ccxml extension.Under connection select Texas Instruments XDS100v1 USB Emulator ong>andong> underdevices check the box next to TMS320F2812. Hit save ong>andong> then advanced. You shouldsee the following settings displayed.Figure 9: Debug Configuration - Advanced2 The hardware used is a TMS320F2812 board ong>withong> an XDS-100v1 JTAG debugger.Abhijit Kshirsagar 7/8 January 18, 2011

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