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Download: ( 550 KB pdf)

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know-howWearing the appropriate protective gear should be a given – before, during andafter the application of seed-treatment products on seeds.Evgenia Ustimenko of Bayer CropScience in theUkraine has been working on the campaign for safeapplication of seed-treatment products since 2006.To coincide with theintroduction of thenew cereal seed treatmentLamardor, BayerCropScience has starteda campaign in severalEastern Europeancountries to promote thesafe application of seedtreatmentproducts onseeds. Because there isa benefit for everybodyinvolved, the first resultshave been very positive.Alexander Ryzhenko has just returned tohis office in Moscow. He has spent the lasttwo days in Tumen in Siberia, where thesnow lies deep. He was there in his role asBayer CropScience Product Manager forseed treatments, taking part in a meetingwith local customers, advisors and representativesof large farming operations.Discussions of this type between BayerCropScience representatives and customersare a regular occurrence. They provide anopportunity to exchange experiences, andthe Bayer CropScience experts can alsouse the occasion to share information aboutnew products and services.“This event was the perfect platform forintroducing our information campaign onthe safe use of seed treatment products”says the Product Manager, who is responsiblefor Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.“The aim of the campaign is to promote thesafe handling of seed treatment products,so that especially the users are better protected.”Campaign to coincide withthe introduction of LamardorThe planning for this project startedback in mid-2007. The first concrete stepsfollowed shortly afterwards: an informationbrochure was prepared and distributed;addresses were identified from whichprotective gear could be sourced; a websitewas created; and around 1,000 people hadthe opportunity to familiarize themselveswith the message of the campaign.Ryzhenko and his colleagues reallywant to get the ball rolling with the 2009campaign. The introduction of the new seedtreatment Lamardor ® will give it leverage:“We anticipate that there will be a lot ofinterest in the new product among farmers,distributors and the treatment plants.We want to capitalize on this interest byincreasing awareness of user protection atthe same time”, explains Ryzhenko.Given Bayer CropScience’s long-standingcommitment to user protection, it wasa natural step to push ahead with the developmentof dust-free and low-solvent seedtreatment formulations. The especiallyuser-friendly water-based suspension treatmentswere the result. These products areparticularly advantageous because neitherdust nor solvent vapours arise during theiruse. Machines and equipment can simplybe cleaned with water, and they no longersuffer the negative effects of frequent exposureto organic solvents.Alexander Ryzhenko (right) leads Bayer CropScience’soperator safety project for Russia.1/09 COURIER 19

Peter Ohs of Bayer CropScience, based in Monheim, advises colleagues in the field and gives helpful tips aboutthe best choice of protective gear.“Providing the market with seed treatmentsthat are as user-friendly as possibleis among Bayer CropScience’s highest priorities”,comments Ryzhenko. So for theuser, protective practice actually beginswith the decision as to which product tobuy. High-quality seed treatment productssuch as Lamardor are easy to mix; theystick to seeds well and resist abrasion; andthey have a good flowability, so they arealso easier to work with.percent of operators of seed-treatmentequipment in the Ukraine and Moldovaare applying the recommended precautionarymeasures and wearing the appropriateprotective gear. At the beginningof the campaign, the figure was about 10percent. Ustimenko attributes this successto continuous communication: “My colleaguesregularly raise the topic at trainingevents, meetings, field days and visits tofarms. Reputable specialist magazines runstories about our activities; we also offerrelevant information in our annual productcatalogue; videos show, in a clear way, howseed treatment should be used correctly;and the internet offers rapid access to theinformation we are offering.”Ustimenko is convinced that “littlestrokes fell big oaks”. This is why the projectwill conceptually continue in 2009.As soon as the treatment season begins,Bayer CropScience technicians will beon the road throughout the country tosupport personnel in the treatment plantsand to provide training in the use ofprotective gear. After being the first producerof crop protection products startingsuch a safe use campaign in Ukraine, forBayer CropScience sustainability is animportant aspect of the campaign.Convincing peopleof the benefitsDr. Peter Ohs, Senior Product StewardshipManager in Development, stays in constantcontact with Alexander Ryzhenko andEvgenia Ustimenko. To gether, they determinehow the campaign can be organizedeffectively and carried out successfully.“The users must discover the importanceand value for themselves. That is a preconditionfor the uptake of the campaign”,is how the Bayer CropScience manager,High level of acceptanceamong usersRyzhenkos Ukrainian colleague EvgeniaUstimenko is a little further down theroad, and has had time to gather a bit moreexperience. In the Ukraine, both the introductionof Lamardor and the campaignstarted earlier, in 2006. Moldova followeda year later. The user-protection campaignembraces a range of topics relating to theentire spectrum of safe and efficient seedtreatment practices. The project leader of thecampaign in the Ukraine, Moldova, Georgiaund Armenia attaches particular importanceto the personal protective gear wornby the user: “Promoting the use of gloves,overalls, breathing masks and goggles is atthe centre of our efforts. We’re appealing tothe users’ common sense to persuade themto familiarise themselves with the recommendedprotective measures, and to applythem during the entire treatment process,as well as during the rinsing of equipmentafterwards”, Ustimenko explains.The results of the campaign speak forthemselves. Bayer CropScience sales representativesnow observe that around 60Lamardoris a new fungicidal product in Bayer CropScience’s seed treatment portfolio forcereals. It is a combination of the innovative active substance prothioconazoleand the globally successful active substance tebuconazole. Prothioconazole is aDMI (Dimethylase inhibitor)-type fungicide that belongs to the new chemical classof triazolinthiones. Rapid penetration of tebuconazole combined with sustaineduptake of prothioconazole lead to long-lasting protection.Lamardor combines …• Broad-spectrum disease control thanks to two complementaryactive substances with clear synergistic effects:- excellent efficacy against Tilletia caries, Ustilago nuda f. sp. tritici andFusarium spp.- good efficacy against Bipolaris sorokiniana- adequate efficacy against Microdochium nivale• …with increased plant strength thanks to interactive effects on plant physiology:- improved crop vigour- excellent, healthy crop stand- better root development due to the beneficial physiological effectsof tebuconazole- increased frost tolerance due to a shortening of the mesocotyl- improved drought tolerance due to the production of longer roots•…and high reliability and crop safety.20 COURIER 1/09

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