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here - Novel Tech Ethics

here - Novel Tech Ethics

Personal health

Personal health information registry• 17. The Agency shall maintain a personal healthinformation registry containing health reportinginformation about donors of humanreproductive material and in vitro embryos,persons who undergo assisted reproductionprocedures and persons conceived by means ofthose procedures.

Consent to disclosure• 18. (2) Notwithstanding section 8 of the PrivacyAct but subject to subsections (3) to (8), healthreporting information under the control of theAgency relating to a donor of humanreproductive material or an in vitro embryo, aperson who has undergone an assistedreproduction procedure or a person who wasconceived by means of such a procedure isconfidential and shall be disclosed only with thewritten consent of the donor or that person, asthe case may be.

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