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Empretec Annual Report 2011 - Unctad XI

Empretec Annual Report 2011 - Unctad XI


EMPRETEC in Numbers17Training of trainers in 201124Years of entrepreneurship promotion32Countries1,697Empretec training workshops conductedin the last 2 years244,658Number of entrepreneurs trained since inception12EMPRETEC ANNUAL REPORT 2011

Selected Impact IndicatorsSince the inception of the Empretec programme, the number of entrepreneurs who went through it and the size of Empretec National Centrescontinued to grow year after year.BRAZILSEBRAE, the Brazilian Empretec Centre, is the largest of the network and, since its inception (1993), it has:• reached over 5,900,000 clients among micro and small enterprises• trained more than 160,000 entrepreneurs• built a network of 7,707 trainers and consultants in 27 States• conducted 6,820 Empretec workshopsThanks to its wide outreach, the programme has had a real impact on the lives of entrepreneurs and, as a consequence, on the country’seconomy.Source: SEBRAEJORDANSince the inception of the programme in Jordan (2000), Empretec has:• created 3.1 jobs per participant with a business idea• created 2.5 jobs per business owner• enabled 68% of participants to establish their own business after the workshop• contributed to a 28% growth in turnover, 8 months after the workshopBefore the workshop, only 7 per cent of participants had a Business Plan. After the workshop, this number grew up to 31 per cent. After theworkshop, 74 per cent of participants also felt more confident to make decisions than before. The Empretec Jordan Alumni association wasofficially established in 2005, with 98 members.Source: BDC JordanIn 2011, some impact assessment surveys have been carried out by recently established centres, as well as by long-standing ones.PERUBusiness roundtables organized by Empretec Peru in 2011 showed that:• 91% of businesses found a deal with other businesses during Empretec roundtables• more than 50% of the negotiations among SMEs participating in the Empretec roundtables ranged between 1,000 and 20,000Sol (370 – 7,400 USD)Source: IPAEARGENTINAA survey run by Empretec Argentina among participants to ETWs held in 2011 revealed that:• 84% of participants rated the workshop as excellent• 91% of participants consulted the training manual after the workshop• 1/3 of participants seeked specialized financial assistance after the workshopSource: Fundación Empretec ArgentinaUNCTAD’s Business Linkages programme is another product offered by several Empretec centres to assist suppliers in achieving successfulpartnerships with large enterprises, such as transnational corporations, operating in their countries.MOZAMBIQUEIn Mozambique, the linkages programme supported by the Empretec centre, operated in the barley production sector. 43 farmers linked withCDM Breweries (a subsidiary of SAB Miller of South Africa) for the 2010 barley campaign production:• saw their annual income increasing from 300 USD to 700 USD• increased their productivity by 150%, thanks to training and upgrading of production techniquesSource: Empretec Mozambique FoundationUGANDAThree large firms in different business sectors (construction, telecommunications, car-making) were linked with 26 local businesses tostreamline their supply chains. As a result:• employment grew nearly 100% on average in three years• sales increased on average between 100% and 500% in three yearsSource: Enterprise UgandaEMPRETEC ANNUAL REPORT 2011 13

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