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Empretec Annual Report 2011 - Unctad XI

Empretec Annual Report 2011 - Unctad XI

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Name of the Centre:Fundacion Empretec ArgentinaName of the Director:Ricardo of Inception:198801• Delivery of the ETW in cooperationwith counterpart institutions at thenational level.Products and Services• Establishment of the ‘‘Innovative Enterprises’’competition together withBanco de la Nación Argentina aimingat the creation and development ofdynamic and innovative enterpriseswith the long term goal of creatinggrowth potential.• Participation in seminars andconferences related to the promotionof entrepreneurship.• Adaptation and implementation ofthe Business Linkages Programmefor strategically important sectors ofthe Argentine economy, e.g. thetechnology industry.Staff Members:17Number of Entrepreneurs Trainedsince Inception:3600Highlights of 2010/2011Argentina02Collaboration with universitiesEmpretec Argentina is closely workingwith partner institutions and 25 ETWsin 2011 have been conducted incollaboration with universities.Usually, the ETW is the firstcomponent of broader developmentprogrammes. An example of a successfulcollaboration is that established with theUniversity of Buenos Aires, the country’slargest university, which offers anEntrepreneurship Programme. As theirfirst activity, students of that programmeattend an ETW. Similar agreements alsoexist with other universities.Partnership with Banco de laNaciónEmpretec Argentina has a long-standingagreement with Banco de la Nación,Argentina’s largest public bank whoseclients are primarily SMEs. EmpretecArgentina regularly carries out trainingfor the bank’s clients and in 2011 it hasconducted three ETWs in Buenos Aires.For 2012, Empretec Argentina plans todeliver ETWs in all parts of Argentina forthe bank’s clients.22EMPRETEC ANNUAL REPORT 2011

03Success StoriesLAS RECETAS DE LA ABUELA BRENDASusana TarodoLas Recetas de la Abuela Brenda, “Grandmother Brenda’sRecipes” in English, is a small enterprise that producessweets, syrups, pickled vegetables and various liqueurs.The products are sold both in dedicated shop and atgastronomic fairs in Rosario, a city in the province ofSanta Fe in NortheasternArgentina. Las Recetas de laAbuela Brenda produces in asustainable manner and it aimsat protecting the environment.The company purchasesregional organic ingredientslinking with local vegetablegardens, which offer non-chemicalagricultural production, and which reutilize wastefor compost. Since she started her business, Susana hasbased her business model on innovation which has resultedin the launch of various new products e.g. pickled fruits,OPTILUXEzequiel Angelillo MackinlayReturning from the United States, Jerónimo andEzequiel used the knowledge on LED technology, which theygained in the United States to start a business that filled amarket gap in Argentina. ‘‘I knew that this was themoment to start my business,’’ Ezequiel says. Beinghighly convinced of the businessidea, Ezequiel resigned from hisjob and returned to universitywhere he took a course in theAssessment of InvestmentProjects. He says that theknowledge he gained fromthat programme was crucial tocope with the upcoming challengesthe young businesswould face. Today, Optilux has operated for one year andit serves the demands of different types of customers.“Since 2010, we started to position Optilux as a nationalalternative to the imported products. Only in January andFebruary 2011, Optilux managed to outperform the totalrevenue of 2010”, explains Ezequiel and predicts asustained growth for the rest of the year. Moreover, he says,tinned radish, or different jams.Established in 2001ETW taken in 2010“Through the ETW, I really improved my planning skills,which was essential to be able to focus my business. Frommy point of view, understanding the importance of constantrevision of plans is crucialfor the assessment of resultsand the implementation ofstrategies. Realizing thenecessity to delegate enabledme to plan in the long term,instead of a day-to-day basis.Moreover, I learned how toseek information that I needfor my business to be ableto take decisions. Now I am more comfortable with takingdecisions and I have a clear vision of what I want to achievewith my business and I work hard to achieve my goals.”Established in 2002ETW taken in 2010‘‘we are planning to participate in the BIEL, the most importantillumination exposition of Argentina in November 2011which will increase the awareness of our brand’’. In 2009,Optilux was nominated for the competition ‘‘Innovative Enterprises’’which was organized by Banco de la NaciónArgentina and EMPRETEC,thereby enabling him to takepart in the ETW.Ezequiel highlights thatthe ETW allowed him tofocus on the planning of thebusiness activities, ‘‘the lessonsderived from the ETW could beapplied directly to my enterprise:elaborating a pricestrategy and giving more importance to theplanning of a communication and awareness strategy wasinstructive for our business objectives. Moreover, theworkshop is an excellent tool for entrepreneurs who lackexperience and want to make their first steps towards theirown business.’’EMPRETEC ANNUAL REPORT 2011 23

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