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Empretec Annual Report 2011 - Unctad XI

Empretec Annual Report 2011 - Unctad XI

01Products and

01Products and ServicesName of the Centre:Empretec SpaName of the Director:Verónica Gonzalez BarrazaEmail-address:veronica.gonzalez@Empretec.clWebsite:www.Empretec.clYear of Inception:2006• Technical assistance for entrepreneurs• Supporting the improvement of SMEmanagement: emphasis on financialmanagement• Implementation of quality standards• Supporting innovation andentrepreneurship• Specialized capacity buildingprogrammes• Access to government resources forentrepreneurship programmes, seedcapital and focal points for the EMTStaff Members:10Number of Entrepreneurs Trainedsince Inception:300ChileHighlights of 2010/201102FACTOR E! – Entrepreneurshipfor high-school studentsIn collaboration with the UniversidadMayor, which is hostingEmpretec Chile, Empretec has created theprogramme FACTOR E!, which aimsat strengthening the entrepreneurialbehaviour of students aged 10 to 18years. The programme provides learningexperiences for children and youngpeople, which support the developmentof their capacities, behaviour andpassion for entrepreneurship. Within thepast two years, more than 200 teachersfrom 30 colleges have been trained todeliver the programme and more than8000 students have participated so far.Entrepreneurship and InnovationThe Universidad Mayor, which is inaddition to Empretec also hosting abusiness incubator, developed a newprogramme that aims at strengtheningthe environment for entrepreneurs atthe national level.At a ceremony taking place in thelibrary of the government agencyCORFO, which promotes entrepreneurshipand innovation, ten nationalinstitutions signed an agreement in order todevelop a national programme forentrepreneurship and innovation, INICIA.This programme aims at strengtheningentrepreneurship and the creation ofenterprises in Chile. One of the mainobjectives is to support the managementof technology transfer in Chile.30EMPRETEC ANNUAL REPORT 2011

03Success StoriesSISTOPZoraida FrancoZoraida started SISTOP in 2005, offering solutions in thearea of business engineering, topography, geo-measuringand IT. Due to the increasing complexityof customer demands, Zoraida decidedto establish a strategic business alliancein 2009, which could offer high valueservices to customers. This led to thecreation of a collaboration with technicalpartners specialized in the IT business in2010.Empretec has motivated Zoraida toimplement a new business strategywhich resulted in the provision of newand more clearly defined services focusing on theEstablished in 2005ETW taken in 2009personalized customer needs. The new business strategyhas not only improved the quality of services but has alsoled to the establishment of a new enterpriseoffering additional services to customers.“Considering the fact that I am both anowner and a colleague at the same time,identifying myself as an ‘entrepreneur’ wasvery helpful for me as I realized the needto behave in a more entrepreneurial way.Through Empretec I changed my vision ofthe enterprise which was decisive for theconsolidation of new business activities.”POSITRONPedro ChacanaPositron is an engineering company offering servicesrelated to the construction, maintenance and developmentof engineering projects. Since its establishment in 1980,Positron has expanded its services and covers now a largenumber of industries such as electric energy, telecommunications,aviation, real estate and the manufacturing sector.Since his participation in the EMPRETEC programme, Pedrosays that he has changed his entrepreneurial behaviour,which led to an improvement of the quality of his productsand a better performance of the company.Established in 2000ETW taken in 2009Additionally, Pedro says that he highly benefitted from theconversations with trainers and other entrepreneurs, whichhelped him to think in a more innovative manner.“Being an ‘Empreteco’ means to belong to a network ofwell-trained entrepreneurs who master the best tools forentrepreneurship. The programme allowed the participantsto develop a clear vision of entrepreneurial behaviours andattitudes which many of us will maintain and profit from thein the future.”EMPRETEC ANNUAL REPORT 2011 31

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