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Empretec Annual Report 2011 - Unctad XI

Empretec Annual Report 2011 - Unctad XI

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Name of the Centre:FUNDEMASName of the Director:Haydée de TriguerosEmail-address:direccionejecutiva@fundemas.orggilmamolina@fundemas.orgWebsite:www.fundemas.orgYear of Inception:200001Products and Services• ETWs: Intrapreneur, SMEs, YoungEntrepreneurs, Microenterprises• Women in Business• Sustainability Projects• CSR Training• Mentoring Training Workshops• Entrepreneurship talks at universitiesStaff Members:4Number of Entrepreneurs Trainedsince Inception:3,013El SalvadorHighlights of 2010/201102Sustainable Communities ProjectIn 2011, Fundemas organizedEmpretec Workshops in the course ofthe Sustainable Communities Project.Within the project ‘‘Enterprises andgeneration of employment’’ capacitybuilding sessions take place, e.g. businessplanning and finance. The projectaims at stimulating entrepreneurshipand creating jobs in 9 communities inColonia Escalon.Corporates Social Responsibility(CSR)With the aim to improve thecompetitiveness of small and mediumenterprises (SMEs) in El Salvador,Fundemas provided enterprises withtools to implement practices ofCorporate Social Responsibility(CSR), e.g. CSR practices in El Salvador,business ethics and advisory onlegal concerns.Therefore, Fundemas organized CSRCommittees, executive fora, and workinggroups for various sectors. Atthese meetings, Fundemas stressedthe importance of CSR and highlightedCSR as a tool for SMEs to develop newmarkets.In cooperation with InWent,Fundemas organized a project in orderto strengthen the competitiveness ofSMEs in Central America.38EMPRETEC ANNUAL REPORT 2011

03Success StoriesALBACLARA S.A. de C.VRocio Borjas de AlfaroALBACLARA is a family business which offers greenoutdoor activities in El Salvador. Customers benefit from thepanoramic beauty, typical Salvadorean cuisine recipes,contact with horses and their important psychotherapeuticvalue, and the great cultural richness of Panchimalco.The services offered by ALBACLARA to tourists, institutionsand Salvadorean families range from horse riding lessonsto events for families and summer camps for children.ALBACLARA has caused an important social and economicimpact in the area, particularly for the women workingat ALBACLARA. These women have now become theprincipal sources of their household’s income. Today,ALBACLARA has 8 permanent and 22 seasonalemployees. The EMPRETEC Programme has beencrucial to ALBACLARA’s success. In particular, “the workshopEstablished in 2007ETW taken in 2006provided me with a dose of attitude and know-how totake on challenges,” Rocio says. With the participation inthe EMPRETEC Programme, Rocio had the opportunity toreceive the “seed capital prize”, which allowed ALBACLA-RA to obtain visibility. Four years after having started thisendeavour, Rocio now reaps the benefits of this business.In addition, she seizes new opportunities to establishcomplementary businesses. Recently, ALBACLARAestablished a new enterprise which sub-contracts touroperating services.“Being part of a network of Empretecos allowed me to reinforcethe dose of enthusiasm which is required to take ona business”AURORAMaria Carlota GuevaraEstablished in 2001ETW taken in 2010AURORA is currently the only enterprise in El Salvadorwhich offers a comprehensive environmental managementprogramme for inorganic waste. The company monitors andquantifies what it collects, and, based on standards of theMinistry for the Environment, enablesits corporate customers to certifythemselves as “green” businesses.The firm began with a starting capitalof US$15. With a two-year businessincubator grant from FUNDEMAS,AURORA obtained a permit fromthe Ministry of the Environmentallowing it to dispose of waste and alsoauthorizing it to give training sessionson environmental responsibility toSalvadoran companies. The companybegan with two permanent employeesand as of 2011 had six permanentand 10 seasonal or temporary workers. A challenge hasbeen a 2008 Salvadoran law prohibiting the export ofcorrosive metals and setting up a monopoly arrangementthat excluded AURORA from a potentially lucrative exportmarket. “We quickly had to adapt and dedicate ourselvesto exporting other types of waste and search forother markets in Central America’’. AURORA now has 13buyers for the waste it collects – 10 domestic, and threeinternational. Maria attended the Empretecworkshop in March 2010 on developingentrepreneurial capacity and says, “Myentrepreneurial live has two phases:before Empretec and after. Before, Iwasted numerous opportunities I had infront of me and didn’t recognize.” Shesays that through working more effectivelywith support networks and through takingadvantage of strategic networks, “in theeyes of our clients and buyers, we havebecome a trustworthy source of wastedisposal, with personalized service, professionalattention, compliance with ourdelivery dates, regular pickups, qualifiedpersonnel, and guaranteed adequate clearing and transport.”“Our mission is to free El Salvador from solid, inorganicwaste, which is polluting the environment, by recycling it. Inthis way, it also generates a source of employment.”EMPRETEC ANNUAL REPORT 2011 39

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