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Empretec Annual Report 2011 - Unctad XI

Empretec Annual Report 2011 - Unctad XI

01Products and

01Products and ServicesName of the Centre:EMPRETEC GhanaName of the Director:Nana• Provision of EntrepreneurshipTraining Workshop• Provision of Management TrainingProgrammes• Market Research• Business Plans• Application of ICT in management ofenterprises• Specialised management programmesin Oil and Gas Riskassessment and management for theInsurance industry.• Entrepreneurship training for womenmicro and small scale entrepreneurs• Project Management for donoragenciesYear of Inception:1990Staff Members:34Number of Entrepreneurs Trainedsince Inception:20,000• Specialized capacity buildingprogrammes towards exporting forthe Garment industryHighlights of 2010/201102Launch of a training for the Ghanaianoil industryIn collaboration with a consultancycompany in Nigeria, Empretec Ghanadeveloped a training programme forthe insurance industry in Ghana. Ghanahas recently found oil in commercialquantities and started exploitation. Sincethe industry is new to the country andinsurance is an essential component ofit, Empretec Ghana saw the need to buildthe capacity of the players in the industryto enable them understand it and takeadvantage of the opportunities therein.Presentation of UNCTAD’s EntrepreneurshipPolicy ToolkitEmpretec Ghana and Friedrich EbertStiftung, a German political foundationoperating in Ghana, have pooled theirresources together to review UNCTAD’sEntrepreneurship Policy Toolkit at a jointsession in December 2011. A group ofexperts applied the framework to identifyissues to integrate into the GhanianPrivate Sector Development Strategy.GhanaConsequently a training programme hasbeen developed that seeks to enhanceunderstanding of the industry and itsrisk factors. Additionally, it contains anelement of efficient management of therisks. The programme was launchedin August 2011 with the participationof actors from across the insuranceindustry and some banks. The initiallaunch was successful and the trainingprogramme received positive feedback.Gradually, it could become one of thekey products of the Centre.42EMPRETEC ANNUAL REPORT 2011

03Success StoriesWINGLOW CLOTHES AND TEXTILES LTDAwurabena OkrahWinglow Clothes & Textiles Ltd produces qualityembroidered fabrics and garmentsfor a niche market among theGhanaian middle class. Winglowservices range from embroideringfabrics with traditional Ghanaianmotif, tailoring custom-madeclothes and providing training fortailors and dressmakers. Awurabenaestablished Winglow in1986, today the company has 18employees and accounts for aboutto 30 per cent of the market for embroidered fabrics andabout 1 per cent or less for the market for custom-madegarments.Established in 1986ETW taken in 1999Awurabena’s long term goals for her company are to gain afoothold in the export market andto become an established trainingcentre for young tailors and fashiondesigners. By this, Awurabenawants to contribute to the developmentof the Ghanaian fashionindustry, which is still at an infantstage.“After the workshop, I was able todevelop and articulate a clear visionfor my company, which allowed me to improve my managerialcapabilities. I became aware of the need to makedeliberate efforts to expand the company’s market base.”ANOMABO BAKERYDaniel Ansah Jnr.In 2009, Daniel was sent to the Empretec programmeby his mother who had a small bakery but could not takethe training as she could neither speak nor write English.Daniel’s mother wanted him to take the training so he couldteach her afterwards. Daniel was, however, so inspired bythe training that he decided to open up his own business.After the training, Daniel says, he started scanning the environmentfor business opportunities and realized that mostbakeries in and around Anomabo township obtained theiringredients from retailers who bought their supplies in thenearby city of Cape-Coast. Daniel decided to open a tradingbusiness that would buy the supplies directly from wholesalersin Accra, which gave him the opportunity to buy largerquantities at a lower price. To get the money for his firstEstablished in 2009ETW taken in 2009supply, Daniel sold his old car before he started his businesswithin his mother’s shop.After one year of successfully operating with his owncapital, Daniel felt the need to expand. He approached hisbank, which had facilitated his participation in the Empretectraining, and they granted him a loan, which enabled himto move to his own premises. Recently, Daniel has furtherexpanded his business and bought machines to mill flourand corn for bakeries in Anomabo. Today, Daniel employs4 people.“The Empretec training opened my eyes - I hadnever imagined the possibility of starting my own businessbefore this training.”EMPRETEC ANNUAL REPORT 2011 43

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