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Empretec Annual Report 2011 - Unctad XI

Empretec Annual Report 2011 - Unctad XI

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Name of the Centre:Enterprise Mozambique FoundationName of the Director:Evaristo Jordão VilanculosEmail-address:jrdvilanculos@yahoo.comenterpri@virconn.com01• Entrepreneurship Training Workshop(ETW), Corporate ETW and MarketingAssistanceProducts and Services• Specialized capacity buildingprogrammes and advisory services• Agribusiness; business linkagesprogrammes and backward linkagesservices• Women and youth entrepreneurshipdevelopment and advisory services• Corporate performance improvementprogrammes and Improving FinancialManagement for SMEs• Marketing outreach programmes andtrade fairs assistanceWebsite:www.EmpretecMauritius.orgYear of Inception:2000Staff Members:10Number of Entrepreneurs Trainedsince Inception:1,182Highlights of 2010/201152MozambiqueEMPRETEC ANNUAL REPORT 201102Agribusiness business linkagesdevelopment programme forSMEs and the corporate sectorUnder the patronage of UNCTADand FDC, one of the most importantMozambican national NGO dealingwith the sustainable communitydevelopment, Enterprise MozambiqueFoundation (EMF) partnered with APDG,a Gaza Province NGO, on the implementationof a pioneering initiative to fostercommercial agribusiness in theGaza Province. Some 50 selectedentrepreneurs were involved in thisinitiative; they received training andassistance with the preparation of theirbusiness and action plans as well asmentoring during the whole 2010.In Rotanda, Manica Province, EMFis implementing UNCTAD’s BusinessLinkages Programme with smallholderfarmers and CDM (a brewing company,subsidiary of SABMiller) on barleyproduction. 2010 was a very promisingyear, which allowed EMF and farmers toexpect an even more productive 2011(a few hundred Tons of barley in 2011from about 100 smallholder farmers).The expectation is to reach over 1,000Tons in the near future, so that theinstallation of a barley processing plant inthe region could be envisaged by CDM.Women EntrepreneurshipDevelopment programmeEMF was selected by ILO (InternationalLabour Organization) Maputo,as the lead organization to deliver aprogramme to foster womenentrepreneurship in three regions ofMozambique (North, Centre and South).The programme started in 2010 andcontinued during 2011, involving about100 women who were selected for atraining programme and assisted withthe formulation of their business actionplans. The implementation of all theplans were then monitored for a oneyear period. The main objective of theprogramme was to encourage andsupport women in creating or expandingtheir business, with the goal to make themsuccessful role models to be emulated.

03Success StoriesIBAVETIsabel Maria Ferreira LopesIsabel Maria is a veterinary surgeon. She started hercareer with some public institutions for a few years after shegraduated at the University. It was during this time that sheenvisioned a business opportunity in the area of veterinarytechnical assistance.The first working team was formed basically by thecompany partners and two or three hired employees. Staffgradually grew up to the 72 employees currently workingwith her. Today, IBAVET has two veterinary assistance unitsin the cities of Maputo and Matola. The company also hasa factory which produces animal feed and a big industryselling chicks for poultry farming.In Matola, IBAVET has a mini-zoo which is used as atourist attraction and a showcase for the servicesoffered by the company. Next to the mini-zoo, IBAVET alsoopened a restaurant. The owner’s participation in theEstablished in 1991ETW taken in 2008Empretec Training Workshop turned to be very useful asit helped her to systematize her business experienceand to put into practice her vision about IBAVET futurein daily activities. Using the entrepreneurial behaviourslearned during the workshop and accessing the advisoryservices offered by Enterprise Mozambique, she focused herefforts in improving the company’s performance and consolidatingthe achievements obtained in the last 20 years.“This year we celebrate the 20th IBAVET annversary andthe main reason for our success story, is because we trulytrust each other and the whole team as a FAMILY ! Inour next step we want to build and let our legacy to nextgenerations the set-up and the consolidation of the GREATFAMILY formed by our Clients;our Suppliers and the IBAVETitself,’’ says Isabel.COLÉGIO PARAÍSO LDA.Chihitane Ernesto MagulChihitane is an agronomist by training. He started workingas a teacher, then as an agro-industrialenterprise manager and recently as a topstaff in commercial banking connected tothe area of his main interest. It was in thecourse of these professional experiencesthat he was targeting the need to buildhis own business, which culminated in theestablishment of Colégio Paraíso Lda.,after his participation in a Empretectraining in 2005. The first and greatestchallenge was to find resources for theproject. He started by selling some goodsto raise funds for the construction of thecrèche. The first income from the crèchewas then reinvested in the creation ofadditional infrastructures which let theschool expanding to all the classes atthe primary education level. Presently, Colégio Paraísohas 700 pupils (450 at primary level and 250 in thecrèche). Education is provided by 70 employees, includingchildhood educators; teachers; administrative staff andEstablished in 2005ETW taken in 2005support services. The Empretec workshop was of inestimablevalue; it allowed him to cope withadversities for such a challenging ideacoupled with the meager initial resourceshe had in 2005. The training andmentorship received from EnterpriseMozambique was crucial for thisbusiness.“Education and training of futuregenerations was always my mainpassion because I believe it is thecornerstone for a fair andbalanced society. On this belief Istarted my undertaking from scratch:the crèche first and up to the levelwhere I am now! In the near futurehundreds of students will be leavingfrom my school to go to the Universities. Many of themcame here when they were just more than babies. Thiswill be our contribution to a fair and balanced society”.EMPRETEC ANNUAL REPORT 2011 53

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