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Empretec Annual Report 2011 - Unctad XI

Empretec Annual Report 2011 - Unctad XI

01Products and

01Products and ServicesName of the Centre:EMPRETEC-IPAE PerúName of the Director:Ava Alencastre BegazoEmail-address:aalencastre@ipae.peWebsite:http://Empretec.peYear of Inception:2010Staff Members:4Number of Entrepreneurs Trainedsince Inception:442• Training: Entrepreneurial behaviourworkshop—Empretec Businessplanning workshop, Business Tuesdayon management topics, Entrepreneurshipnight, Management ofsmall enterprises, Management ofhotels, Management of restaurants,Management of beauty salons andspas.• Advisory services: Fiscal, accounting,finance, and commercial advisory,business analyses, improvementplans.• Commercial activities for enterprises:Business circle EMPRETEC-IPAE,Participation in conferences (inaccordance with the municipality ofLima)• Financial activities for enterprises:enterprise guarantees programmein cooperation with the Ministryof Production, Citi award formicroenterprises (Citi Foundation).• Programmes: Young EntrepreneurProgramme (Ministry of Labour):Training and advisory for the creationof new businesses (ideas and businessplanning, business planningcompetition, advisory for the investmentof seed capital), ILO Programme:Entrepreneurship training and advisory,Management and Business AdministrationProgramme for Micro and SmallEnterprises, capacity building for administrativetasks, Empretec Workshop.• EMPRENDER in private and publicschools: Training for teachers.• Entrepreneurship Programme (USAID- International Youth Foundation IYF):Training and advisory for youngentrepreneurs.• National Business Planning and IdeasCompetition (IPAE)• Business Linkages (CAMPOSOL):Training and advisory in cost calculation,best practices, and EMPRETEC.Highlights of 2010/201158PeruEMPRETEC ANNUAL REPORT 201102Young Entrepreneur ProgrammeIn 2011, Empretec-IPAE implementedthe Young Entrepreneur Programmepromoted by the Ministry of Labour.The programme trained 1,000 youngentrepreneurs in Business Ideas. 440entrepreneurs formulated businessplans and 74 entrepreneurs receivedseed capital to establish their business.In addition, Empretec-IPAE organizedthe National Business Planning andIdeas Competition in which 900 entrepreneursin 5 cities participated.The three finalists of the competitionreceived seed capital and investmentadvisory. At Empretec-IPAE’s businesscircle, 75 enterprises participatedand managed to negotiate an amountof approximately US$ 162,525.Accounting for entrepreneursand microenterprisesAn UNCTAD training was organizedin November 2011 with the supportof IPAE for owners and employees ofmicro and small enterprises with noor limited accounting knowledge. Thetraining workshop content is basedon the Guidelines for Small and MediumEnterprises (SMEGA) developedby UNCTAD. The training aims atenabling micro and small enterprisesto understand the accounting flow,recognize transactions, elaboratefinancial reports and analyze thesereports in order to assess businessperformance, and improve their results.It also provides information on the basicrequirements of local funding institutionsthat microenterprises and entrepreneursshould meet when applying for funding.

03Success StorySUONO VENTURIGloria Marisa Venturi CarrascoFor many years, the Peruvian market for music instrumentsfor children has been served by foreign companies,importing often expensive music instruments. Suono Venturiaims at filling this gap and producing music instrumentsexclusively for children, from raising awareness to initialtraining and special training. Its instruments are small,colourful, tailored to children’s needs and adapted to thedifferent methods of musical education.In light of the fact that the instrumentsare produced following the customers’requirements, the enterprise’s customersbecome co-designers. In 2008, GloriaMarisa started to implement her businessidea, yet without the tools necessary toestablish a business. “When I establisheda small workshop, I started to dream ofmy business. However, after a couple ofmonths my machines and instrumentswere stolen. This experience reinforcedmy ambition to run this business despite any obstacle.”In order to establish the business again she worked as ateacher in three colleges and participated in two businessplanning competitions.Since 2008, Suono Venturi has manufactured musicinstruments for children, mostly for educational purposes.The instruments are used for musical awareness raising andin primary schools. “We started the production of didactictools in order to provide music education in a playfulmanner, for instance in the case of music notes which areEstablished in 2008ETW taken in 2009highlighted in colour to facilitate the learning process forchildren.”This idea arose out of Empretec’s business idea competitionin Peru which Gloria Marisa had won presenting thisproposal. Going beyond the manufacturing of music instrumentsfor children, there is plenty of ideas for new products.For instance, Suono Venturi is developing customized instrumentsfor elderly people.“Our instruments contribute to a societywith children who are open-minded andsocial due to the pleasure that playing theinstruments gives them. Playing musicshould not be an elitist activity. It is apleasure to see that my instruments areused in the Empretec workshops. Thishelped me to understand that they can notonly be used for musical purposes. Key tothe success of my business is entrepreneurialbehaviour, positive thinking and therespect the employees demonstrate for my leadership. Thereis a new challenge every day, yet we strive for excellence.Our success results from the combination of these factors.”“The participation in the Empretec workshop was anenriching experience and strengthened my entrepreneurialskills. In addition, it enabled me to set goals and to persevere.”EMPRETEC ANNUAL REPORT 2011 59

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