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Empretec Annual Report 2011 - Unctad XI

Empretec Annual Report 2011 - Unctad XI

01Products and

01Products and ServicesName of the Centre:AIPPIMMName of the Director:Alina of Inception:2003• ETW—The Empretec EntrepreneurialWorkshop: English• RETW—The Empretec EntrepreneurialWorkshop: Romanian• Support for business settling—youthand new start-ups• Networking and access toentrepreneurial education services• Support for acces to grants andbusiness financial aid• Access and support for creditand bank support for businessdevelopmentStaff Members:14Number of Entrepreneurs Trainedsince Inception:1500Highlights of 2010/2011Romania02Empretec Romania supportsstart-upsDuring 2010/2011 21 workshopshave been conducted, with over 800graduates. Feedback was hugelypositive and over 98 per cent of theparticipants have graduated. Also theprogramme has been linked to theagenda of START, a programme thathas specifically and successfully facilitatedfinancial support for young start-ups.All Empretecos have been supportedto prepare business plans and applyfor public grants in order to improvesucces of their business development.Empretec expands in RomaniaWith constant support of Mr. CristianHaiduc, the president of AIPPIMM, newareas of the country had access to theEmpretec workshops. The RETW hasbeen hosted in the counties of Tulcea,Bacau, Salaj or Mures for the first time.Our selection areas and the networkhave constantly extended. The businessnetwork of Empretecos has been settledand cooperation with UNCTAD has alsoimproved over the last two years. Empretectrainers have also been involvedin development of new SME supportprogrammes and increase of supportfor SME’s was based on constant entrepreneurialfeedback. Four presentationsof Empretec have been organizedin different areas of the country and thefirst all-together meeting of graduateshas been completed in Bucharest inDecember 2010.60EMPRETEC ANNUAL REPORT 2011

03Success StoriesSALON DENISE’SDenisa GalLocated in Timisoara, at the border of Romania, Serbiaand Hungary, this business has started small as a familybusiness beauty saloon and spa having a small turnover ofabout EUR 10.000. During 2009 and 2010 the entrepreneur,Denisa, has struggled to keep business surviving, dueto little turnover and economic shrinking. Starting from thesecond half of 2010, the business has been extended withonline sales of beauty products and in other related areas.Also ongoing is a training centre for wellness and healthpreservation specialists, including skin treatments, nutrition,life improvement behaviour, fitness.Her team of specialists has been extended to over 20 (fromthe initial 6) and the yearly figures for 2011 look better thanEstablished in 2009ETW taken in 2010ever. With respect to the new online services, this area ofsales has become national and perspectives for growth arenow brighter than before.“I have learned to think outside the box, in respect to goalsand efficiency, and not governed by emotions. Therefore Ihave closed a location (in Arad) which was familiar but notproductive and started new directions. I have also started toinvest in people, and it is now paying off.’’DMS CAR SRLMihai DanMihai, aged 21 at that time, started in 2010 a smallrepair centre for private automobiles in the backyard of hisgrandparents. He used to work over 15 hours a day,including weekends, in order to be able to control hisbusiness and make a small profit. Struggling with the dayto-daychallenges, in 2011 he decided to apply to theSTART programme of AIPPIMM in order to get financialsupport to develop his business. He was then also selectedand invited to the Empretec workshop, which he completedin June 2011. He was a lead participant in the event andimpressed the whole group with his drive. No wonder hewas awarded the prize for personal accomplishments in theRETW, in spite of being the youngest of the participants.As a result of the workshop, Mihai improved the way hewas managing his business and has been able to developEstablished in 2010ETW taken in 2011it without financial support. He first focused on wheels andrelated services. Then, starting in autumn 2011, he openeda new service centre which is located next to truck routesthus enabling him to access a new and valuable market ofgoods transportation and delivery of FMGC. Turnover andstaff doubled in the last 6 months.“Empretec has been definitely the best education I haveever attended. I have now, for the third year, attended theMBA school in Cluj-Napoca, but I am seriously consideringto drop-out, my hands on experience is more valuable tome, that is obvious.’’EMPRETEC ANNUAL REPORT 2011 61

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