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Empretec Annual Report 2011 - Unctad XI

Empretec Annual Report 2011 - Unctad XI

Name of the Centre:Small

Name of the Centre:Small Enterprise DevelopmentAgencyName of the Director:John Francis, SEDA’s and ServicesSEDA offers a wider range of products and services for micro, small and medium sizedcompanies. Available trainings include.:• Business start up training• Business planning• Business registration• Access to finance• Access to markets• of Inception:2010Staff Members:Number of Entrepreneurs Trainedsince Inception:South AfricaHighlights of 2010/201102Launch of Empretec South AfricaIn December 2010, SEDA andUNCTAD launched the first EntrepreneurshipTraining Workshop in Pretoria,South Africa, which was led by Brazilianmaster trainers. An agreement wassigned with SEDA stating that SEDAwill host Empretec in South Africa.Hosting of the Empretec DirectorsMeeting 2011In October 2011, SEDA and EmpretecSouth Africa hosted the annualEmpretec Directors Meeting inPretoria. Directors from 22 countriesas well as a team from UNCTAD werepresent at the meeting, which featureddiscussions on strategy, new productsand the challenge of building up afinancially sustainable centre. Bestpractices and lessons learnt wereshared and the meeting offered a greatopportunity for directors to network andexchange experiences. In parallel to themeeting, a regional ETW took placeoffering additional opportunities to engagein viable dialogues. One of the highlightsof the meeting was a study tourto SEDA’s headquarters as well as toone of SEDA business incubators whichhosts small producers of essential oils.1 Regional ETW and 3 NationalETWsSEDA held its first ETW during theannual Empretec meeting, in October2011, and organized three morein the country until mid-November. Ateam of international trainers providedguidance and advice to the first nationaltrainee trainers who started their journeytowards the certification as National EmpretecTrainers.62EMPRETEC ANNUAL REPORT 2011

03Success StoriesWHATBOXNeo MatsaoWhatBox is a brand solutions agency founded by Neoand his friends Themba, Mpho, andMoyeni after their graduation from university.“It was during university that we realizedthe social and cultural power of brands.They are power to comment, influence andshape societies all while selling a productor service,” explains Neo. WhatBox wasfounded with the idea to change Africanmindsets and uplift African consciousness.The company, which is entirely blackowned, offers its clients solutions rangingfrom the development of a branding strategy to its implementation,including the creation of websites, logos and muchmore. “We started our business in 2008 in our family’s bedroomsand living rooms. Now we got our own office in Sowetoand a steady client base” says Neo who had the chance to tellhis story at UNCTAD’s Commission in Geneva in MayEstablished in 2008ETW taken in 20102011. Neo and his partners have recently entered apartnership with a larger brand agency,which gives them access to larger clients.“Empretec has helped us in more waysthan I can describe. We always hadthe challenge of being the directorsand shareholders in our company andEmpretec really helped us hone downour business thinking and practices. Thischange reflects in our strategy, practices,policies, discipline, smiles and our financials (this yearhas been our most profitable). The emphasis on planninghas also been key, next year looks like our brightest oneyet and we are pitching for new business every week.”HYPRO PRIMARY COOPERATIVE LTDLerato Sehlaholi MatsauLerato participated in the edition of the ETW in Pretoria,South Africa in December 2010. At the time of the training,she was running a small training company which she wasnot quite satisfied with. Through the training, Lerato gainedthe courage to opt for a very ambitious project which shesays she would have never dared without the training. TheSouth African government announced that it will provideall previously disadvantaged school girls with free sanitarypads on a monthly basis and that the government will assistSouth African companies to enter the manufacturing sectorfor female sanitary products which are so far all imported.Lerato decided to grab this opportunity and she foundedHypro, which is currently engaged in research regardingthe production of hygiene products for girls. “I got my AHAmoment which, had I not gone to Empretec would havebeen too mammoth and out of reach for me.”The products will supply and support the governmentinitiative to provide girls in disadvantaged areasEstablished in 2010ETW taken in 2010with free sanitary pads. Lerato’s idea is to have the padsmanufactured by women as they have insight and productuse experience. For education purposes and since menstruationis still a taboo issue in South Africa, the womenwould also educate the young girls regarding hygiene andenvironmental issues. Additionally, she is interested in creating“green” biodegradable products, which are friendly tothe environment, are easily disposed of and that is suitableto both users and the environment.Lerato was so inspired by the Empretec training, that shehas decided to become a trainer herself and she is now thefirst South African who goes through the training to certifyas a national trainer.“The attributes of a true entrepreneur were aroused in meand I decided to push myself to greater heights, I movedfrom being a ‘just being able to survive entrepreneur’ to a‘growth entrepreneur’”.EMPRETEC ANNUAL REPORT 2011 63

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