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Empretec Annual Report 2011 - Unctad XI

Empretec Annual Report 2011 - Unctad XI

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Name of the Centre:Zambia Empretec Centre01• Empretec ETWsProducts and Services• Business Management Skills TrainingName of the Director:Gabriel of Inception:2009• Pre-separation Counselling sessions• Business Plan PreparationWorkshops• Business Linkage Programme• National Business IncubatorProgrammeStaff Members:6Number of Entrepreneurs Trainedsince Inception:120ZambiaHighlights of 2010/201102Business Development ServicesProviders (BDSP) ConferenceA BDSP’s conference was organizedon 24 July 2011 to facilitate theformation of a National Business Provider’sAssociation. The conference washeld in Lusaka at the MulungushiInternational Conference Centre (MICC).The participants were mobilzed from allthe nine provinces of the country, anda total number of 70 BDS providersattended the conference. As a resultof the conference, a national BusinessDevelopment Services Providers Associationwas set up. The Association willcollaborate with the Empretec centre inthe provision of non-financial services toMSMEs.Empretec Zambia and MulungushiUniversity to setup an incubatorEmpretec Zambia signed anagreement with the MulungushiUniversity to establish an incubatorwithin the field of agriculture on theuniversity’s premises. The incubator willbe opened next year with the financialsupport of the Finnish government.ETWs for mining companies’suppliersIn 2011, Empretec Zambia deliveredthree ETWs for suppliers to mining companies’suppliers, under the supervisionof International Trainers from EmpretecZimbabwe, that have provided guidanceand coaching to local trainee trainers.74EMPRETEC ANNUAL REPORT 2011

03Success StoriesAMCHILE IMPORT & EXPORTEmmanuel KasinsaAmchile import & Export was established in 2004 andis based in Ndola, the provincial capital of CopperbeltProvince of Zambia. The enterprise isinvolved in the transportation of petroleumproducts and environmental works. Theenterprise had been trying to get a contractwith Konkola Copper Mine (KCM), one of thelarge mining companies in Zambia but to noavail.The promoter of the enterprise,Emmanuel, upon hearing of the EmpretecTraining workshop to be conducted inChingola for suppliers and Contractors ofKonkola Copper Mines (KCM), came toattend the interviews and eventually participated in the trainingworkshop. He won the prize for the BCE with highest profit.Established in 2004ETW taken in 2011At the end of the workshop, some officials from KCM werepresent for the official closing ceremony. It was then thatthe enterprise was given a contract for 5years to collect all the used oils in the plantand process them into oils to be used in thesmelter plant, and also to carry out all thedemolition of the disused structures withinthe plant.‘‘The Empretec Training Workshop is a greatopener to greater business opportunities inbusiness circles.’’TOWEZI ENTERPRISEGrace B. KaongaGrace runs a supermarket in the capital city of Lusaka.She started her business in 2000 and attended the EmpretecETW in 2010. Talking about how she improved herbusiness after attending the Empretec workshop, she pointsout that the two personal entrepreneurial competenciesof Demand for Efficiency and Quality, and Persuasion andNetworking have been instrumental in shaping her businessto be one of the fast growing small supermarkets in Lusaka.Established in 2000ETW taken in 2010To date she has expanded to introduce the butchery andbakery lines within the supermarket. This came aboutafter utilizing the networks created as well as introducingefficiency in the operations and upholding quality of productsbeing sold.‘‘Business does not just grow by accident; it takes adeliberate action to induce the growth.’’EMPRETEC ANNUAL REPORT 2011 75

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