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Empretec Annual Report 2011 - Unctad XI

Empretec Annual Report 2011 - Unctad XI

Name of the

Name of the Centre:Empretec ZimbabweName of the Director:Busi and Services• Empretec Entrepreneurship TrainingWorkshop (ETW)• Corporate entrepreneurship training• Micro entrepreneurship training• Youth enrtepreneurship training• Advisory and counselling services• Customer care• Financial management• Research into the SME sector• Information dissemination• Project management• Supply chain training• Access to markets, inputs, fundingand partnersYear of Inception:1992Staff Members:12Highlights of 2010/2011Number of Entrepreneurs Trainedsince Inception:15,000Zimbabwe02Entrepreneurship policy dialogueEmpretec Zimbabwe is, due to itsexcellent reputation in the country,engaged in the entrepreneurshippolicy development process and is in adialogue with several ministries such asthe Ministry for Economic Planning andInvestment Promotion and the Ministryof Education. Empretec Zimbabwe isassisting the Ministry of Education inintegrating entrepreneurship into theeducation curriculum in the country.UNDP Zimbabwe has indicated that theywill support the efforts of developinga comprehensive entrepreneurshippolicy in collaboration with EmpretecZimbabwe, which is now developinga work plan for the coming years.Training the trainers in neighbouringcountriesEmpretec Zimbabwe has been involvedin training activities in Zambia, where itcontinued to provide assistance to localtrainee trainers engaged in the deliveryof Empretec workshops to suppliersof TNCs participating in the linkagesprogramme.Promoting womenentrepreneurship in the art andcraft sectorEmpretec Zimbabwe worked on a proposalfor the provision of engenderedeconomic empowerment programmesto the women in the arts and culturesector to assist artists to penetrate theforeign markets.76EMPRETEC ANNUAL REPORT 2011

03Success StoriesMEED ENTREPRISES T/A EVENTS-A-RAMATendai Caroline BenzaCaroline always had a passion for doing event managementso she took the time to get into the industry as a marketingand promotions co-ordinator for Zimbabwe Sun Hotels. Sheleft Zimbabwe Sun and ventured into her own business.Unfortunately, as her business grew, she realized shelacked the capacity to become a big player in the industry.She needed some form of entrepreneurship development.She then enrolled for the Empretec training and she has noregrets. Whatever lesson she learnt there she put intopractice and saw a further growth in her business. It is thisprogramme which has made her a successful business woman.The programme taught her professionalism and resilienceand made her realize that the sky was the limit for herbusiness. She also ventured into poultry production and aEstablished in 2002ETW taken in 2007retail outlet for ladies clothing.She has weathered the storm and survived the worsteconomic crises. Her business still stands firm in alleconomic problems that the country has experienced.She owes all her success to the Empretec training, as thisexperience makes everyone resourceful. One is never limitedin ideas.‘‘A great secret of success is to go through life as a womanwho never gives up. Falling down does not make you afailure; dust yourself, lift your head up high and fight back.The power of persistence is the secret of success.’’OKPATECH INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERSOkay JakachiraFrom the time Okay took the Empretec training, herealized a steady growth of his business Okpatech,despite the business challenges in Zimbabwe. The conceptslearnt have made him overcome these challenges andhis company is moving forward and improving in everyaspect. He is quite encouraged by the skills acquired duringthe Empretec workshop. The concepts are very practicaland handy because businesses and economy are veryEstablished in 2000ETW taken in 2006dynamic. He has moved his business from being an officeto an established warehouse. Thanks to Empretec even hisstaff has improved their skills in dealing with customers.‘‘You have to be an Empreteco in order to strive in businessin Zimbabwe.’’EMPRETEC ANNUAL REPORT 2011 77

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