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Unit 3 - Paterson Public Schools

Unit 3 - Paterson Public Schools

SRA Imagine It!

SRA Imagine It! Phonics*Please refer to the Kindergarten Table of ContentsRoutine Cards*Please be mindful to include the Routine Cards during the Imagine It! instruction. The Lesson Cards in the kits willindicate when to implement the routine cards. The Routine Cards have explicit instructions on how to incorporate theskills listed below:1. Introducing Sounds and Letters2. Sound-by- Sound Blending3. Reading a Pre-Decodable4. Reading a Decodable5. Blending SentencesA. ListeningB. Coming to Circle

Required Resources for Unit 3Big Book (Read-Aloud)Text Exemplars In-District: Harcourt TrophiesYolen, Jane. Off We GoPre-Decodable Books (Reading Instruction)Book 16: SoupBook 17: The DigDecodable Books (Reading Instruction)Book 1: Kip the AntBook 2: The Big RamBook 3: What Can Hop?Book 4: I Can See It?Book 5: What Is In the Box?

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