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May - Western New York Quarter Horse Club

May - Western New York Quarter Horse Club


May 2010 NewsletterWestern New York Quarter Horse Club, Inc.General Membership Meeting Minutes(Continued from page 1)Motion passed.Treasurer’s Report: Question about treasurerreport dates in the February newsletter. The datesshould have been 10/3/2009 to 11/14/2009.The October newsletter bill had been in a previousreport and no newsletter bills were presenteduntil after 11/14/09.The Gallagher Printing bill had been paid twice.Gallagher gave us credit for the second payment.The CD was moved into a money market account.Linda Ward made a motion to approve the treasurer’sreport, seconded by Irene Myers.Communications and billsGentle Dove Farm is sponsoring several obstacleclinics some will be in New York State.AQHA sent information about the dates andtentative schedule for the World Shows.Erie Co Fair ShowPlex sent information abouttheir new facility.Committee ReportsAQHA Show – There will be ½ page ads in theMay and June AQHA Journals. We will be splittingthe cost for the ads with the Fair. Information hasalso been sent to Equine Enlightenment. Show feeshave been paid for AQHA and NSBA.Awards – noneBylaws – noneDirectory (Tracy) – there are still a few outstandingbillsNewsletter (Regina) – we are sending sixtynewsletters out via first class mail which is approximately½ of our club members.Open Horse Shows – No information on theJune show. The July show flyer was available at themeeting for anyone who wanted a copy.Program and Entertainment – nonePublicity – noneScholarship – noneWebsite (Regina) – updated site with new officers,waiting for 2010 committee list from the President.Youth (Emma) – April 17 th at 6 p.m. they wouldlike to have a ziti dinner at Pittsford in order to raisemoney for the scholarship. It will be $10 per person,and there will be door prizes and a raffle.Youth club members are also selling flowers asa fund raiser.Nutrena labels are being collected as a fundraiser. If you use Nutrena feeds please keep thewhite tags for the youth club. The tags can be turnedin at any WNYQHCI meeting.At Bill Hopkins sale the youth club will be selling50/50 raffle tickets. At the Candy Apple Classicthey will be holding a basket raffle instead of doggietrail.Unfinished BusinessMay 8 th will be the Horse Expo in Lockport,NY. It will be $10 per table if WNYQHCI wants tohave a table there with information. This expo isgeared for new horse owners. Cheryl can be at thetable. Irene Myers made a motion to spend the $10and get a table for WNYQHCI, Tammy Papasergiseconded. Motion passed.New BusinessApril meeting – Although Bill Hopkins is willingto have the meeting at the auction he has alreadyscheduled a band and the noise level may be toohigh for a successful meeting. We could have themeeting on Sunday, but there was a question as towhen the auction would be over. Marie Kerl made amotion to have the meeting Saturday, April 17 th inPittsford, NY, Suzanne Sprague seconded the motion.Motion passed.(Continued on page 5)4

Western New York Quarter Horse Club, Inc.May 2010 NewsletterGeneral MembershipMeeting Minutes(Continued from page 4)Steve Lord spoke about how New York Statemay shutdown several of the state parks due tobudget issues. He encouraged everyone to voice oppositionto the shutdown.The 50/50 raffle worth $25.50 was won by KimPfeil.Tracy Kalinski made a motion to adjourn, IreneMyers seconded. Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.Respectfully Submitted by,Regina KerninBoard Of Director’s Minutes(Continued from page 1)Corrections to minutes – none.Motion by Joseph Stoelting to approve the minutesas published, seconded by Karen Randall. Motionpassed.Correction to November minutes: The treasurer’sreport had two different dates. After discussiona suggestion was made to republish the reportfrom the November minutes with the correct dates.Also to republish the treasurer reports from11/14/2009 – 12/31/2009, and 1/1/2010 – 2/4/2010.Treasurer’s Report – Karen presented the reportfrom 2/5/2010 – 3/13/2010. There was an accidentaldouble payment for the thank you cards from GallagherPrinting. Gallagher just gave us credit for theamount of the overpayment. Joseph Stoelting made amotion to approve the treasurer’s report seconded byTracy Kalinski. Motion passed.Old BusinessQuestion about Gallagher Printing bill was answeredby Karen (double payment).New BusinessThe committee list for 2010 was sent by Reginato Bill Hopkins for updating.Regina had a bill for $26.40 for postage for theMarch newsletter. Karen Randall made a motion topay the bill, seconded by Tracy Kalinski. Motionpassed.Discussion followed about April meeting date.The second Saturday is also the date of Bill Hopkinsauction. Several alternative dates were discussed.Cheryl will call Bill to see if he has any input.Karen Randall made a motion to adjourn, secondedby Tracy Kalinski. Meeting adjourned at 7:58p.m.Respectfully Submitted by,Regina Kernin5

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