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Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

Using the Ignore Words

Using the Ignore Words ListYou can configure the FTS engine to ignore frequently used words (such asand, the, because, and so on) or words that you do not want indexed. Addingentries to the Ignore Words List saves space in the FTS index and speeds uptext searches. The FTS option comes with a default set of ignored words thatyou can modify as needed. For more information, see “Modifying the IgnoreWords List” on page 4-26.Accrue searches that contain words from the Ignore Words List do not find anymatching AR System requests for those words. However, the accrue searchretrieves requests for the other search terms. For restrictions on FTS, see“Limitations of FTS” on page 4-13.Note:The Ignore Words list is different for supported languages otherthan English.Who Can Perform a Full Text Search?Users must have a fixed or floating FTS license to use the FTS capability. FullText Search licenses are separate from AR System read/write licenses.■■If users are assigned a fixed FTS license, they can always perform asearch in a field indexed for FTS.If users are assigned a floating FTS license but one is not currentlyavailable, they receive a warning the first time they perform a databaseoperation in Remedy User. The system uses the search capabilities of theunderlying database (to the degree available). When a floating licensebecomes available, an affected user is alerted with a note and canperform a search by using the FTS capability.Note:Users can tell if a field is indexed for FTS by looking at thecontext-sensitive help for that field.For more information, see “Licensing Users for FTS” on page 4-17.4-4 Action Request System Administrator’s Guide, Volume 2

Using FTSUsing FTSFTS is transparent to users that have an FTS license (fixed or floating).■■If an FTS license is available and the field is indexed for FTS, then FTSis used.If an FTS license is unavailable or the field is not indexed for FTS, theAR System uses the search capability of the underlying database.To use FTS to retrieve AR System requests, you can enter a QBE value in anyfield indexed for FTS, or you can enter a value into the Search Criteria field.Performing a Search in a Field Indexed for FTSIn most cases, entering a string into a field indexed for FTS returns resultsconsistent with the ordinary database searches most users expect. Users canstill use the search strings and search patterns with which they are alreadyfamiliar. FTS offers additional benefits. Unlike some databases, the FTSengine enables you to index and search text fields for any words in the entirefield. Users might also notice enhanced performance in retrieving AR Systemrequests.The search method used by the FTS engine depends on the following factors:■ The original search criteria as entered by the user■ The QBE match settings of the field■ The FTS Search Options setting of the serverFTS uses these factors to determine the final search criteria. Succeedingfactors override preceding factors. For example, if a user includes a leadingwild card as part of a full text search, but the FTS Search Options setting isset to Ignore Leading Wild Card, FTS ignores the wild card entered by theuser. See “How QBE Settings Affect FTS” on page 4-12 for more information.Full Text Search 4-5

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