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Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

■■■someone turns

■■■someone turns aroundsomeone turned aroundsomeone turning aroundHowever, the capability of searching for word stems does not match requestswith turnabout, return, or upturn in them as variations of turn.Using Wild CardsYou can also use the percent sign (%) wild card for a search with the accrueoperator, according to the following syntax: LIKE "nt%, notifier"This search retrieves all requests that contain the search term notifier andwords that start with nt, including ntclientd, ntserverd, and so on.Combining FTS and Non-FTS FieldsYou can include FTS and non-FTS fields in a search, as in the following: LIKE "ntclientd, notifier, ntserverd" AND’Create Date’ > "01/01/95"This Advanced Search Bar search with the FTS accrue operator returns allthe AR System requests that contain any of the search terms ntclientd,notifier, or ntserverd and were created after January 1, 1995. For efficientsearches with better performance, group all FTS fields at the beginning ofcomplex search expressions.Search Strategies and IssuesWhen searching fields for which FTS indexing is enabled, be aware of thefollowing tips and strategies:■■Make your searches as specific as possible. The more defined andqualified your searches are, the less the database is impacted. Also, youmight find the information that you want more easily (instead of havingto search through hundreds of requests). A more efficient search gives aquicker response time.Group FTS fields at the beginning of complex search expressions.4-10 Action Request System Administrator’s Guide, Volume 2

Search Strategies and Issues■Remove common words from full text searches. Use specific, particularsearch terms. For example, if you use the accrue operator against fivewords and the search yields hundreds of requests, delete the most genericterms from the criteria to focus your search on a smaller set.Some searches work better than others. If you receive unexpected results or atime-out, rewrite your search.FTS Issues When Performing SearchesBe aware of the following issues when performing full text searches:■■Full text searches that involve a field and an arithmetic operation are notsupported. An error message occurs. The following example returns anerror message if the Short Description field is indexed for FTS:’Short Description’ LIKE ’Assigned To’ + "ing"If there are no variables to the right of LIKE in the statement, FTS handlesthe search. For example:’Short Description’ LIKE "work" + "ing"In this example, the search is handled by FTS because the two knownvalues (work and ing) are combined to form one known value (working).FTS does not treat some characters as literal characters in a searchstring unless they are preceded by a backwards slash. The followingcharacters have unique functions in a full text search:• braces ({})• brackets ([])• backslash (\)Note:These characters and the majority of other nonalphanumericcharacters can only be included in a pattern search. They cannotbe used at all (with or without backward slashes) in wordsearches because these characters are not defined as charactersthat combine with other characters to form words. If you need toinclude special characters in the definition of a word, contactRemedy Technical Support.Full Text Search 4-11

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