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Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

For example, you could

For example, you could perform a search for one or more key words in a diaryfield that would retrieve and weight all AR System requests that describe howto solve a problem suggested by those key words. You would perform a searchon key words or phrases such as the following:■■■Forms, tools, screens, and hardware and software productsDescriptions of problems or solutionsOther areas of interestWhen you define a field as indexed for FTS, it might take some time beforethat field is available for Full Text Search. Indexing a field can take up toseveral hours, depending on the amount of data in that field, the system load,and other factors. While a field is being indexed for FTS, you can still do non-FTS searches on that field if the underlying relational database permits it. Toindex a field for FTS, see “Defining a Field for FTS” on page 4-29.For each field that you index for FTS, the amount of disk space required forthe FTS index can grow significantly. To estimate approximately how muchspace is required for your FTS index, see “Estimating the Size of the FTSIndex” on page 4-30.Note:Do not define fields for FTS during normal production hours,especially if you have many AR System requests in yourdatabase. The indexer accesses the database at the same time asthe AR System servers, which can significantly impact theperformance of your system.ReindexingMost of the time, you should not have to rebuild your FTS index because thearservftd process automatically optimizes space after AR System requestsare added or deleted. However, you might need to rebuild the FTS index(reindex) if you make changes to your Ignore Words List. For additionalinformation, see “Rebuilding the FTS Index” on page 4-28.4-14 Action Request System Administrator’s Guide, Volume 2

The FTS Server (arservftd) ProcessTime Required to Rebuild an IndexDo not rebuild an index during normal production hours. Because reindexingrebuilds your entire FTS index from scratch, it can take a long time,depending on the following factors:■■■The amount of data in each field indexed for FTS in each AR SystemrequestThe system loadWhether your indexes are on NFS-mounted or local directoriesFor more information about locating your FTS indexes, see “Estimating theSize of the FTS Index” on page 4-30.After Modifying the Ignore Words ListWhen you modify the Ignore Words List and do not reindex, your changesaffect only entries that are inserted, deleted, or modified after that time. Forexample, if you added network to the Ignore Words List, the FTS index ignoresthe word network only for AR System requests added or modified from thistime forward. However, the FTS index with the word network would still existfor all requests created before the Ignore Words List was modified.When you reindex all the fields in all your forms that are currently flagged asindexed for FTS, you create a new FTS index that then ignores the wordnetwork in all requests. To change the Ignore Words List, see “Modifying theIgnore Words List” on page 4-26.The FTS Server (arservftd) ProcessThe AR System uses the arservftd process to insert or delete all data in theFTS index. All changes to the FTS index are made through the arservftdprocess. In addition, the arservftd process optimizes the FTS index every2000 index field commands (from the time that arservftd is started),removing spaces inadvertently added during modify and delete operations.The optimization enables the index to run more efficiently.The AR System runs only one arservftd process at a time.The arservftd process is started or stopped by the arservtcd process thatadministers all the other types of AR System servers if you have valid FTSuser licenses.Full Text Search 4-15

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