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Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

When you are performing

When you are performing a full text search, the arserverd process searchesthe FTS index for AR System requests. If the server’s FTS operations aredisabled when a request is submitted, modified, or deleted, changes are stillmade to the FTS index. If FTS operations are disabled when a search is made,the underlying database executes the search instead of the FTS engine. Thearservftd process immediately indexes added and modified AR Systemrequests.Debugging FTSAll debug tracing for FTS is logged in the /db/arft.logfile.➤Enabling FTS Debugging1. Add the following line to your configuration file:FTS-Debug-mode: 15A value of 15 logs all Verity Developer’s Kit (VDK) failure messages. Youalso can specify the following trace options:■■■2 for incoming index commands4 for index drop commands8 for VDK commands2. Use the ps command to get the process ID of the arservftd process.3. Stop the arservftd process by typing the following:kill -15 The arservtcd process automatically restarts the arservftd process andbegins logging immediately.Moving the FTS IndexThe installation script for the AR System places the FTS index into the/ftindex directory by default. If you have a large amountof data indexed for FTS, you might find that you need more disk space inwhich to place the FTS index. Use Remedy Administrator to disable FTSoperations, and then move the index as needed. For more information, see“Configuring FTS in the AR System” on page 4-19.4-16 Action Request System Administrator’s Guide, Volume 2

Licensing Users for FTSIf you decide to move the FTS indexes, relocate them to a directory withenough space. To estimate the size of FTS indexes, see “Estimating the Size ofthe FTS Index” on page 4-30.Note:If you move the FTS collection directory, you must modify theconfiguration file to specify the new location.Licensing Users for FTSTo be able to perform a full text search, users must be assigned a fixed orfloating FTS license. You specify the type of license that users have throughtheir request in the User form (Figure 4-1), As you would with their ARSystem write licenses.➤Licensing a User for FTS1. Open the User form in Remedy User.2. Search the database for the user that you want to license for FTS andopen a window as shown in Figure 4-1.Full Text Search 4-17

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