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Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

3. Select from the

3. Select from the following options or enter settings as required:Enable FullText SearchFTS IndexDirectorySpecifies whether Full Text Search is enabled. If thecheck box is:■ Selected (the default)—The FTS engine isactivated. The Case, Search Options, Reindex, andIgnore Words List fields are enabled, and the FTSIndex Directory field is disabled.■ Cleared—The FTS engine is turned off. The FTSIndex Directory field is enabled, and the Case,Search Options, Reindex, and Ignore Words Listfields are disabled.Identifies the directory where the index files for FTSare located. The default location is/ftindex.To move the index files to a different directory, clearthe Enable Full Text Search check box. This enablesthe FTS Index Directory field so that you can specify anew location. It also temporarily disables FTS, whichprevents the system from updating files while they arebeing transferred.Before you move the index files, verify that there issufficient space in the new location.For more information, see “Moving the FTS IndexManually” on page 4-31. For information about howmuch disk space is needed to store the index, see“Estimating the Size of the FTS Index” on page 4-30.4-20 Action Request System Administrator’s Guide, Volume 2

Configuring FTS in the AR SystemCaseSearchOptionsReindexIgnore WordsListSpecifies whether case is a criterion in a full textsearch. If you select:■ Sensitive—Case is a criterion for Full TextSearch. Full Text Search looks for specific upperandlower-case letters in words. If you selectSensitive, you cannot use the stemmingcapability in accrue searches. For moreinformation, see “Searching for Word Stems” onpage 4-9.■ Insensitive (the default)—Case is not a criterionfor Full Text Search (the search engine ignorescapitalization). For example, if you search for theword project, the search engine looks throughthe FTS index for Project, project, PROJECT, andso on.Defines how wild cards are interpreted by the server insearches on fields indexed for FTS.Search Options is set to Search Unchanged by default.For information about setting the FTS match operatorand the types of responses users can expect, see“Configuring FTS Options” on page 4-22. By default,Search Options is set to Query Unchanged.Specifies whether the FTS index is rebuilt. If the checkbox is:■ Selected (the default)—The FTS index is rebuilt.Reindexing can take a long time.■For information about reindexing, see“Rebuilding the Full Text Search Index” on page4-28.Cleared—The FTS index is not rebuilt.Displays the Ignore Words List dialog box used tospecify which words will not be indexed for FTS; theAR System ignores these words in the database duringa full text search. To use the Ignore Words List, see“Modifying the Ignore Words List” on page 4-26.4. Click OK to save the option settings.Full Text Search 4-21

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