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Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

Configuring FTS

Configuring FTS OptionsIn both accrue and nonaccrue searches, the Search Options list in the FullText Search tab enables you to configure how the server interprets searches onfields indexed for FTS. You can define how the server interprets FTS searchesusing wild cards. This is important because the presence or absence of wildcards in a full text search can impact performance.If FTS is set to add wild cards to the search string, the stem capability onaccrue searches is disabled. For more information, see “Searching for WordStems” on page 4-9.➤Configuring the FTS Options1. With the Full Text Search tab selected in the Server Information dialogbox, select an item from the Search Options list (Figure 4-4).Figure 4-4FTS Search Options List2. Select an option as described in “Accrue Operator Searches” on page 4-23.3. Click OK or Apply to save the Search Options setting.4-22 Action Request System Administrator’s Guide, Volume 2

Configuring FTS OptionsAccrue Operator SearchesTable 4-2 shows the effects of different options on searches that use an accrueoperator.Table 4-2 Effects of FTS Search Options for Accrue Operations (1 of 3)SearchOptionSearchTermUsedServerInterpretationAR SystemRequestsRetrievedSearch PerformanceResultsForceLeading &TrailingWild Cardsturn, %turn%, Any request withturn as part of the%turn, %turn%,word, including:■ right turn■ turn leftturn%, %turn%,■ turned■ return%turn%, %turn%,■ turned left■ user returned■ turnabout is■■Slowest searchperformance forusers.Maximum numberof requestsretrieved.IgnoreLeading &ForceTrailingWild Cardturn, turn%, Any request withturn as the%turn, turn%,starting part of theword, including:■ right turnturn%, turn%,■ turn left■ turned%turn%, turn%,■ turned left■ turnabout is■■■Does not retrieverequests withreturn in them.Relatively fastsearch.Retrieves thenumber of requestsmost usersprobably anticipatefrom FTS.Full Text Search 4-23

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