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Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

Establishing a Mail

Establishing a Mail AddressFor UNIX ServersThe AR System mail handler must have an email address somewhere in yoursystem. By default, the AR System looks for the address ARSystem. However,you can specify any address in the armaild configuration file. The mailaddress you specify must be used only for the AR System.The most likely machine on which to establish the email address is themachine running the AR System server. However, this is not a requirement.You can establish an email address on any machine in your network that hasthe ability to access the AR System server by adding an entry for the emailaddress to the /etc/aliases file. For example, if you use the default nameARSystem for your email address, you could add an entry like the following:ARSystem:/usr/spool/mail/ARSystemFor all other nodes in the network, make any changes that are required forthem to forward email targeted at the email handler to the appropriatelocation. This might require updates to the other nodes.If you are using NIS services, make the changes noted by following the rulesand guidelines for updating files under NIS.For Windows NT ServersIf you are in the Windows NT environment, create a user in MicrosoftExchange for the armailex mail handler to use.The only machine on which to establish the armailex service is the systemrunning the AR System server. All mail sent by the armailex service is fromthe Microsoft Exchange Account ID specified at installation. Mail destined forthe AR System server must be sent to this Microsoft Exchange address.Setting Up the Mail HandlerThe mail handler must have access to several types of information to processrequests through email. It requires the address of the AR System mailbox. Italso requires information such as the server to use, the form to which asubmission is processed, and a process to follow when the transaction succeedsor fails.5-4 Action Request System Administrator’s Guide, Volume 2

Setting Up the Mail HandlerThere are several ways to supply needed information to the mail handler:■■■You can accept AR System defaults, where defaults exist.You can specify a configuration file when you start the mail handler. Thisfile must contain values for various options affecting how the mailhandler operates. These settings then become defaults for the mailhandler. Values set through a configuration file override AR Systemdefaults. For information about defining the configuration file values, see“Creating an Email Configuration File” on page 5-5.Ensure that the mail templates available to users submitting AR Systemrequests include all necessary specifications. Settings included in atemplate override system defaults and values set through a configurationfile. For information about mail templates, see “Using Mail Templates” onpage 5-10.Creating an Email Configuration FileYou can set several options for the AR System mail handler by including theirspecifications in an ASCII file. You then designate the file as the configurationfile when you start the mail handler daemon. The values set through theconfiguration file override the system defaults.Table 5-2 shows the options that you can specify in the configuration file.Table 5-2 armaild Configuration File Options (1 of 4)Option Function System DefaultAddress(UNIX only)Default-PasswordDefault-SchemaDefault-ServerThe address the mail handler watches forAR System messages.The AR System password to use if nopassword is specified in the submittedmessage.The form to use if no form is specified in thesubmitted message.The AR System server to use if no server isspecified in the submitted message.ARSystemNo passwordNone (the form mustbe specified here orin the message)The machinerunning the mailhandler processElectronic Mail Support 5-5

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