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Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

OverviewDynamic data

OverviewDynamic data exchange (DDE) is a part of Microsoft Windows and is a form ofinterprocess communication that uses shared memory to exchange databetween applications.The Action Request System uses DDE to communicate with third-partyWindows applications, such as Excel, Word, and Visual Basic. Typically, this isdone through active links from the AR System or by various actions in thethird-party applications. There are three different ways that the AR Systemcan integrate data with third-party applications by using DDE:■■■Using DDE and active links, you can:• Send information to another Windows application. For example, youcan send the value in a form field to a spreadsheet cell or a wordprocessor bookmark.• Send a request for specific information in another Windowsapplication to change the value of a field in a form. For example, youcan import data from a spreadsheet cell to a form field.In Remedy Administrator, you specify a DDE command and a triggeraction for an active link. Users activate the active link from the toolbar orthrough actions in Remedy User.Using DDE and Remedy User, users can send a report to anotherWindows application and cause the application containing the AR Systemreport to open. For example, you can send an AR System report to a wordprocessor file and have the word processor application open with thereport displayed.Using DDE and a third-party application, the third-party application canexecute a macro to launch Remedy User, if necessary. For example, youcan write a program that opens both the AR System and a form.For more information about DDE, refer to the Microsoft Windowsdocumentation. To integrate with another application, refer to thatapplication’s documentation. For information about defining a DDE active linkoperation, see “Assigning Active Link Values Through DDE” on page 6-10 andthe Action Request System Administrator’s Guide, Volume 1. For informationabout DDE and reports, see the Action Request System User’s Guide forWindows.6-2 Action Request System Administrator’s Guide, Volume 2

DDE Time-Out SettingsDDE Time-Out SettingsThe Action Request System DDE operations have a time-out settingassociated with them in the ar.ini file. The time-out setting is the amount oftime that the Action Request System waits for a response from the third-partyapplication. If there is no response after this set time, the DDE operation isnot completed. A time-out message is then displayed.The default DDE time-Out setting is 30 seconds. Until you add the [DDE]section label and the time-out setting, they do not exist in your ar.ini file. Ifyou want to change the default value, add the following information to yourar.ini file:AppResponseTimeout=TransactionTimeout= is the new DDE time-out setting in seconds.Note:Before you change this value, understand that if you specify anumber that is fewer than the time it normally takes for theoperation to complete, the operation will always generate atime-out message. Also, if you specify a number that is morethan necessary, you might have to wait longer than necessary forthe affected operations to time out.Third-Party Applications and MacrosThird-party applications can use a DDE program to send a request to executea macro in Remedy User. This program must include the following:■■■■DDE server name of Remedy UserPath for Remedy UserDDE topic Remedy User supportsDDE function Remedy User supportsDynamic Data Exchange 6-3

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