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Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

Visual Basic

Visual Basic MacroPrivate Sub cmdExecute_Click()Dim RunMacroString As String’ Application|TopictxtMacroPath.LinkTopic = "ARUSER-SERVER|DoExecMacro"txtMacroPath.LinkMode = 2RunMacroString = "[RunMacro("c:\app\macro,SendMessage,Name=JohnSmith,Contents=Don’t forget our meeting on Friday)]"txtMacroPath.LinkExecute RunMacroString 'send DDE messageEnd SubAssigning Active Link Values Through DDEUsing active links, you can set a field to the value resulting from a DDErequest operation executed on a Windows client.The syntax for loading the result of a DDE request operation is:$DDE$ ;;[;]The DDE parameters are defined as follows:The unique ID of the DDE application.The topic name identifying a logical data context.The location of the DDE service on the PC.A string identifying a unit of data. This parameteris optional.Specific commands an application requires.For example, you might enter the following:$DDE$excel;sheet1;c:\excel\excel.exe;R1C1This operation returns the contents of cell R1C1 of a file named sheet1 inMicrosoft Excel to the current field.6-10 Action Request System Administrator’s Guide, Volume 2

Microsoft Excel ExampleThe key word $DDE$ indicates that all following text is a DDE command line.The command line can include substitution parameters from the currentscreen to enable values from the current screen to be placed into the commandline before it is executed. You can select substitution parameters (and the$DDE$ string) from the Fields Value list.When the active link is performed on a Windows client, the specified DDErequest is executed and Remedy User waits for the operation to complete. Thedata returned by the DDE request is then entered into the field.If the active link is triggered by an action in a form on a non-Windows client,an empty or null string is returned.The following examples show AR System active links that use DDE tointegrate the AR System with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.Microsoft Excel ExampleThe following example includes two active links that use DDE to integrateMicrosoft Excel with the AR System. Using these active links, a user can openand populate a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel through an AR System form.Figure 6-1 shows a sample form with active links that work with MicrosoftExcel. The two buttons on the left of the form activate the active links thatopen and populate a spreadsheet. The active links reference the fields todetermine where Microsoft Excel is installed, which spreadsheet to open, andwhat data to send to the spreadsheet.Dynamic Data Exchange 6-11

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