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Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

Clicking 1 Word DDE

Clicking 1 Word DDE Execute activates the first active link, which opens aspecified document in Microsoft Word. To create this active link, theadministrator uses the If Action tab of the active link dialog box, as shown inFigure 6-7.Figure 6-7Sample Active Link—1 word DDE Execute■■■The Action field instructs the active link to execute a command.The Path field references the Word Program Location field in the sampleform to determine where Microsoft Word is installed.The Command field references the Command field in the sample form todetermine the specific action to perform.The Command field in the sample form must have a value for this activelink to activate. The qualification is as follows:’Command’ != $NULL$6-18 Action Request System Administrator’s Guide, Volume 2

Microsoft Word ExampleIn the sample form, a user enters the location of the Microsoft Word programin the Word Program Location field, a specific document in the Documentfield, and an OPEN command in the Command field. You might want to enableyour users to populate these fields through active links or menu lists to ensurethat the syntax is correct.As shown in Figure 6-8, a user’s Microsoft Word executable is located atc:\msoffice\winword\winword.exe. The particular document to be opened islocated at c:\home\joeuser\arsdde.doc. This document will be opened by theOPEN command in the Command field.Figure 6-8Sample DDE Form with Sample DataWhen the user clicks 1 Word DDE Execute, Microsoft Word opens and displaysthe arsdde.doc document, as shown in Figure 6-9.Dynamic Data Exchange 6-19

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