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Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

When a user supplies

When a user supplies data to the DDE Poke field in the sample form and clicks1 Word DDE Poke, the data in the DDE Poke field is sent to the documentspecified in the Document field.DDE and ReportsYou can create a report to send to another installed application by using DDE.For information about report user preferences and creating a report formattedby DDE, see the Action Request System User’s Guide for Windows.➤Sending a Report to Another Windows ApplicationBefore you can send a report to another application, perform the followingprocedure:1. Choose Tools → Options in Remedy User.2. Click the Reports tab.3. Select the Enable Report to Applications check box.4. Click OK.➤Specifying Report Information in the dde.ini File1. Open or create the dde.ini file.The dde.ini file can be found in your configuration directory (\Home bydefault). It can be set up for use with multiple applications and is similarto other Windows .ini files. If you do not have a dde.ini file, create oneand include the appropriate information shown below.6-22 Action Request System Administrator’s Guide, Volume 2

DDE and Reports2. Using a text editor, specify the fields that are required for DDE in thedde.ini file as follows:PathApplicationTopicFormatSpecifies the full path of the application. Because thisvalue is used to start the application, specify anyrequired parameters in this field along with the path,for example:Path = c:\excel\excel.exeSpecifies the name of the application. Use the DDEserver name of this application, for example:Application = excelSpecifies a series of DDE topics for each application.For more information, see the application’s DDEdocumentation. For example:Topic = systemSpecifies the column separator character. The optionsare Tab, CSV, Record, or Current Format. For example:Format = TabThis takes precedence over any column-separatorcharacter that you have specified in the ReportPreferences, Page Setup, or Report Options dialogbox.Tab format displays the report with column valuesseparated by tabs. Depending on the applicationdisplaying the report, data may not align correctly.CSV format forces the application to display thereport in rows, with column values separated bycommas.Record format displays the report in record format.All the page setup information is reset. You can alsospecify an optional parameter CharsPerLine. IfCharsPerLine is not specified, the default is 80.Current Format uses the format and page setupdefined in the application.Dynamic Data Exchange 6-23

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