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Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

Linking to an ActiveX

Linking to an ActiveX ControlCreating a callable ActiveX control in Visual Basic (or any other language) isvery simple. Ensure that the class module and functions for your control arepublic and that you give a recognizable name to the Interface being exposed.If you create an ActiveX DLL in Visual Basic, ensure that you follow theserules:■■■Give a unique and recognizable name to the interface exposed. Each classmodule defined becomes an interface object.Give a unique and recognizable name to the project name.Ensure that you create a DLL and register the DLL in the system byusing the RegSvr32 utility.When you are using an ActiveX control as an OLE server, you perform thesame procedure described in “Sample Exercise: Using OLE Automation” onpage 7-5; however, you select an ActiveX control from the list of OLEAutomation Controls, rather than the list of local OLE servers.Understanding the Supported OLE Automation ServersRemedy Administrator shows OLE servers defined on the administratormachine. OLE servers on local computers and in-process servers aresupported. OLE servers on local computers are servers that run in the sameprocessing space as their client. In-process servers or controls are run in theprocess space of the client’s process space. When Remedy Administratorbrowses the administrator machine and selects OLE servers on localcomputers and in-process servers registered on that machine, it uses thefollowing rules to select OLE servers to appear for use with the AR System.The OLE server must have the following properties listed under its registryentry:■■TypeLib—listing the typelib IID or ProgrammableInProcServer or LocalServer entryWhen the servers have any one of the following properties, they are notdisplayed in Remedy Administrator:■The in-process server is a system component and not an application OLEAutomation server.7-20 Action Request System Administrator’s Guide, Volume 2

Understanding the Supported OLE Automation Servers■■■The OLE server is an OLE 1.0 control.All 1.0 OLE controls have an Ole1Class entry.The server entry has an autoconvert attribute.An OLE component has the following registry entries for in-process serversunder the InProcServer32 entry:■■■■■ole32.dlloleprx32.dllole2pr32.dllolecnv32.dlloleaut32.dllAn OLE component has the following registry entries for in-process serversunder the InProcServer entry:■■■ole2prox.dllole2.dllole2disp.dllUsing OLE to Enhance the AR System 7-21

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