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Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

OverviewA production

OverviewA production application is an AR System application with which your userswork to complete normal business operations. As your business changes, youmay want to make changes to your application. Often, you will make thesechanges in a development environment.A development environment begins as an exact copy of your productionapplication. Create your development application on a different server thanthe server used by your production AR System. In your developmentenvironment, you can create new forms, workflow, and complete applicationsand test them without the risk of losing any data or stopping work in yourproduction environment.When you are ready to make your changes available to users, move thechanges from your development environment to the production environment.Preparing for the Move to ProductionThe tips in this section will help you plan your move and avoid potentialproblems.Upgrade the Nonapplication Production EnvironmentIf you are upgrading aspects of your production environment other than yourforms and workflow (a new version of the AR System, your database,operating system, and so on), make these changes before you update yourapplication. This makes problem diagnosis and tuning much easier.Test the ApplicationTest the development environment. Ensure the changes you made to workflowfunction correctly. If you find a problem after you move to production, you mayneed to stop your users from using the system while you fix the problem. Findand fix as many potential problems as you can before you move to production.Ensure that all groups created for the development machine are included onthe production machine.8-2 Action Request System Administrator’s Guide, Volume 2

Enumerated ValuesEnsure that data loads into the development system cleanly. If you havechanged the way a form handles data, you may need to convert existing datato match the format of the modified form. For example, if your production formuses one field for both first and last names, and your new form uses one fieldeach for first name and last name, you need to convert your data to the newformat before you import it to the modified form.If you have embedded a user in any macros in the development system, ensurethat user is in the production system.If you have developed run process actions for filters that activate macros,ensure that the server name in any macros that are used is changed to matchthe production server.Ensure all programs, scripts, and paths specified by scripts are valid in theproduction environment.Enumerated ValuesThe AR System stores data from selection fields as numeric values. Forexample, a selection list having three values from which to choose (New, Open,and Closed) is stored in the AR System as 0, 1, and 2. If you make no changesto a selection list, add a value to the end of a list, or if you are not preservingdata for that field, you do not need to worry about the enumerated values.However, if you add, remove, or rearrange values in a selection field, you mustcorrect the data storage and access problems manually before you move toproduction. When you have added the new value to a selection field, use theModify All feature of Remedy User to change the old value to its new value.For example, a selection field in a production form has states of 0, 1, and 2(New, Open, and Closed). If you add a new state (Fixed) between 1 and 2, thedatabase recognizes the Fixed state as 2, while the original 2 value (Closed) isnow recognized as 3. If you want original 2s to maintain their original state,you must change them to 3s. See Figure 8-1 on page 8-4.Moving from Development to Production 8-3

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