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Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

Resolving Conflicts in

Resolving Conflicts in the Cache FileAbstractThis essay explains the full process used for access control so you cantroubleshoot problems that occur.OverviewThe access control strategy for the AR System uses an access control cache ofuser and group information from one or more forms on one or more servers inan environment. It is important to understand the process used for accesscontrol to troubleshoot any problems you might be having.Access Control ProcessThe first step in the access control process involves updating the User orGroup form. (The name is not important; the presence of the reserved fieldssuch as Login name [ID = 101] and group name [ID = 105] in the form areimportant.) These two forms are available on the server when installed. SeeAction Request System Administrator’s Guide, Volume 1 for more informationabout the User and Group forms.To keep all user and group information in a single location, remove the Userand Group forms from all servers except for one main server.When a user or group is added, deleted, or modified, the information is storedas a request just like for any other form. By default, each of the servers areindependent in terms of user and group lists. Updates to these forms areimmediately reflected in the local access control cache, and any licenseviolations are reported interactively on each server.9-2 Action Request System Administrator’s Guide, Volume 2

Access Control ProcessTo support centralized access control in a multiple-server environment, useone of the access control support programs, arcache. This program isgenerally run using a filter action. The arcache process takes the informationfrom the request, sends requests to all of the registered servers, and updatesthe local access control cache. This is when users and groups are recognized bythe system for access control purposes. This is also when license checks aremade to see that any additions of users do not exceed the number of userswith write access that you are licensed to have. Notes about new licenses orrejection updates due to license violations are written to the error log on thetarget machine. Refer to “arcache (arcache.exe)” on page B-2 for additionalinformation.There might be several User and Group forms on several servers. Theinformation in each is different on each server. However, the information canbe merged in the access control cache. If a user is defined in two places, theyare treated as the same user as long as the password is the same in bothplaces. If the password is different, the two entries are treated as two separateusers.There is a second support program (arreload) that is used to reload theaccess control cache on one or more servers from the information contained ina form. When this program is used, the cache on the target servers is clearedof all information from the source server and is reloaded from the current formcontents. In a multiple-process server environment where a single server ismanaging a global user and group list, this program should be runperiodically (that is, on a weekly or monthly basis) to make sure that theaccess control cache is in sync with the user and group forms. Even with thefilters running, there are circumstances where the access control cache can getout of sync. A good example is when the access control cache support processtries to update a server that is currently inaccessible. The change that was tobe propagated is lost, so the change is not recorded until the next reloadoperation. Refer to “arreload (arreload.exe)” on page B-11 for additionalinformation.Technical Essays 9-3

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