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Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

4. Select all filters,

4. Select all filters, active links, escalations, character menus, and relevantdistributed mappings.5. Select the Select All Items check box.6. Click Import.All workflow definitions are imported, tied to the new server name.7. Type the following at the command line where is thename of the form holding user information, is theadministrator’s user name, is the administrator’spassword, and is the new name of the server:% arreload -f -u -a -p -s This command resets the access control cache on the server and reloadsthe cache from the user form, tied to the new server name.Note:If you have specified a value for Server-Name in the arconfiguration file, include -h as part ofyour arreload command. If you specified a value forServer-Name, and you use arreload without the -h option,arreload uses the default server name instead of the namespecified by Server-Name.Migrating to a New AR System Server or DatabaseAbstractThis essay explains how to migrate your AR System from one server toanother, or to switch the database underlying your AR System server. In somecircumstances, you might need to switch your AR System from the server onwhich it is currently running to a new server. This is the case if you areupgrading your server, for example. Forms and their related workflow arestored according to the name of the server, so they must share the name of thenew server.9-6 Action Request System Administrator’s Guide, Volume 2

OverviewOverviewTo migrate your AR System to a new server, export your AR Systemdefinitions and data, install the AR System on the new server, and import thedefinitions and data to the new server.Exporting the Original Definitions and DataYou begin the migration to a new server by exporting the system definitions asAR Definition files and exporting form data as AR Export files.➤Exporting the AR System Definitions and Data1. Open Remedy Administrator.2. Choose Tools → Export Definitions.The Export Definitions dialog box appears.3. Select all filters, active links, escalations, character menus, and relevantdistributed mappings.4. Select the Select All Items check box.5. Ensure that the Server Independent check box is selected, and then clickExport.6. Select a directory and file to which you want to export the information,and click Save.7. Close Remedy Administrator.8. Open Remedy User.9. For each form, report the data to a file in AR Export format.10. Close Remedy User.Technical Essays 9-7

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