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Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

➤Selecting Forms and

➤Selecting Forms and Fields for Crystal Reports1. Access the Choose SQL Table dialog box, as described in “Logging on to theAR System Server from Crystal Reports” on page 10-4.2. Click Next to show the Fields tab, which appears in Figure 10-5.Figure 10-5Fields Tab of Create Report Expert Dialog Box3. From the Database Fields list, select fields to include in your report, andclick Add.Alternatively, you can click Add All to include all the fields.If you want to remove a field or all fields, click Remove or Remove All,respectively.4. Click Preview Report to view your report.Refer to your Crystal Reports documentation for more details aboutdesigning reports.10-6 Action Request System Administrator’s Guide, Volume 2

Understanding Considerations for Join FormsUnderstanding Considerations for Join FormsIf you add two fields having the same database name (such as Submitter) to ajoin form, one field’s database name appears as a field ID in Crystal Reports.Crystal Reports reads join forms as a single table, enabling you to search anyjoin forms created by using the AR System. However, in third-party ODBCclients such as Crystal Reports, you cannot run an SQL search that does anouter join directly through the SQL statement. If you want to search joineddata through a third-party ODBC client, structure your SQL statement tosearch the AR System table (which has already been joined) directly.Limitations When Using Crystal ReportsThis section includes limitations that you should be aware of when usingCrystal Reports.■■■Converting Date/Time Strings to Date Strings—In Crystal Reports youcan specify how Date/Time strings are handled if they are used in yourreport. By selecting the Convert to Date option in the Reporting tab of theFile Options dialog box, you are specifying that Date/Time strings fromthe AR System are to be converted to Date strings in Crystal Reports.However, if you set this option to convert Date/Time strings to Datestrings, you cannot use the select condition of is equal (in the Select tab ofthe Create Report Expert dialog box in Crystal Reports). The AR SystemDate/Time field only works with the Convert to String or Keep Date-TimeType options.Sorting in Lists—Consider that selection fields from the AR System aretreated as character types. The sorting in lists in Crystal Reports isbased on display value (New, Assigned, Closed), rather than the numericvalues (0, 1, 2) associated with an enumerated field. This occurs becausewhen the Remedy ODBC driver is used, selection fields withAR_DATA_TYPE_ENUM data types are mapped to SQL_CHAR datatypes. ODBC does not have an equivalent data type.Browsing Data—The Browse Data button in the Fields tab of the CreateReport Expert dialog box in Crystal Reports does not display the RequestID (or other data) for all the requests.Using the Remedy ODBC Driver 10-7

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