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Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

ORA-00001: unique

ORA-00001: unique constraint (ARADMIN.I14_2_0) violated(Oracle-1) /* Tue Sep 10 1996 11:57:42.8002 Joe User */ ROLLBACK WORKIn this example, the error message indicates that the user Joe User attemptedto submit a request that would have placed a nonunique value in a field that isindexed to have unique values only.Filter LogThe filter log file shows all of the filters that were checked during anoperation. If a filter was executed, the log also provides a list of the operationsperformed.This log is especially useful for checking the interaction of your filters and forverifying whether a filter is performing correctly.By default, the log file is named arfilter.log and is located in\ARServer\db. You can change the path or file name in theServer Information window.The format of this file is not as specific as the SQL log file. Each line startswith a tag that identifies it as being a filter logging line (). For everyoperation that can trigger filters, a line with a time stamp is written. A linefollows that indicates processing has started and that the operation is beingperformed. Then, as each filter is checked, a message is written that includesthe name of the filter, its escalation order, an indication of whether the filterpassed the qualification, and any actions taken with the results of thoseactions. At the end of the filter operations is a closing time stamp.Phases 1 and 2 of filter processing might appear in the filter log. As theAR System checks filters, all notification and run process actions are deferredto phase 2. When phase 1 is completed, and the database has been updated,phase 2 begins. In phase 2, all deferred filter actions are run. This informationenables you to track which filters are being checked, which filters are running,and the actions that are being performed.Following is a sample filter log file: Filter Trace Log -- ON /* Tue Sep 10 1996 16:06:10.8783 Joe User */ Start filter processing -- Operation - CREATE DemoHelpDesk - Checking DemoHD:Call-AutoAssign1 (400)2-6 Action Request System Administrator’s Guide, Volume 2

User Log --> Passed -- perform actions0: Set Fields Status (7) = 1 Assigned To (4) = Checking DemoHD:Call-AutoAssign3 (402) --> Failed qualification -- perform else actions Checking DemoHD:Call-AutoAssign4 (403) --> Failed qualification -- perform else actions Checking DemoHD:Call-SetPri (500) --> Passed -- perform actions0: Set Fields Priority (100000013) = 0 Checking DemoHD:Call-AssigneeNotify4 (505) --> Passed -- perform actions0: Notify 1: MessageBob Backline has been notified of assignmentof this call. /* Tue Sep 10 1996 16:06:11.8573 Joe User */ End of filter processing (phase 1) /* Tue Sep 10 1996 16:06:12.1207 Joe User */ Restart of filter processing (phase 2)0: NotifyPriority: 1 Mechanism Notifier To: Bob BacklineCall 000017 has been assigned to you, it is alow priority call. /* Tue Sep 10 1996 16:06:14.4452 Joe User */ Stop filter processingThe filter in the example log performed two set fields actions and sent twonotifications. The notifications were deferred to be the final filter actions.When the log indicates a failed qualification, this does not mean that the filtermalfunctioned. This means that the qualification was not met for thisoperation, so the action does not run.User LogThe user log traces all user activity on the server. It tracks user logins andlogouts. It also tracks users that are blocked by time-outs and failed loginattempts. Tracking failed login attempts helps to detect any unauthorizedaccess to the AR System.Log Files 2-7

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