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Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

How the arservtcd

How the arservtcd Process Administers ServersThe AR System includes a controller server, arservtcd, that handles requestsfrom clients for information to use for communicating with the variousAR System servers. In addition, the arservtcd server starts and managesservers.All searching of the arservtcd server is done automatically within the APIand is transparent to the user.The arservtcd process enables AR System clients to know the specific TCPport numbers used by the various AR System servers. This enables AR Systemclients to access servers directly, without the use of an external portmapper.For more information about accessing servers without the use of a portmapper,see “Accessing Servers Without a Portmapper” on page 3-18. For informationabout specifying port numbers through the client tools, see the Action RequestSystem Administrator’s Guide, Volume 1 and the Action Request System User’sGuide.Note:If the arservtcd server is not running, all clients default tousing the administration server (on RPC socket 390600).The arservtcd server administers all servers. Its tasks include the following:■■■■Launching configured servers at startupRelaunching any child servers that shut downInheriting any previously running server (the arservtcd server checksinherited servers every 15 minutes)Automatically launching new fast and list servers if the administratorincreases the number of servers in Remedy Administrator ServerInformation dialog boxNote:The Windows NT server works slightly differently than theUNIX server. In Windows NT, Thread Manager starts (andrestarts) all threads, including the arservtcd thread. In turn,the arservtcd thread routes requests to other servers.3-2 Action Request System Administrator’s Guide, Volume 2

Administering the AR System Windows NT ServerAdministering the AR System Windows NT ServerThe following section describes topics specific to administering the AR SystemWindows NT Multi-Processing Server feature.Stopping the AR System Windows NT ServerWhen you install the AR System, the installation program automaticallystarts the server. You then control and administer the server through theServices utility, which is accessed from the Control Panel. Like other WindowsNT programs, you use the Services utility to start, stop, and configure startupparameters for various services.➤Stopping the AR System Server1. In Windows NT, open the Control Panel.The Control Panel dialog box appears.2. Open the Services utility.The Services dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 3-1.Figure 3-1Services Window (Stopping the AR System Server)3. Select Remedy Action Request System Server from the Service list, andthen click Stop.AR System Servers 3-3

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