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Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

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The following are additional resources that you can use for help with yourUNIX server:■■■Syslog—A file that logs all serious server errors encountered.Installation log—A file (arinstall.log) that logs the steps for theinstallation of your AR System. The default location is /usr/tmp/arinstall.log.Error log—A file that logs all AR System error messages you encounter.It is named arerror.log. For more information about the arerror.logfile, see “Server Error Log” on page 2-3.The Multi-Processing Server Feature and the AR SystemTo improve AR System performance, you might want to run more than oneAR System server. Running a multi-processing server environment involvesperformance questions that only you, the administrator, can answer.Depending on your how your system is set up, you might want to transfercertain operations to a different server.Differences between how UNIX processes and Windows NT threads areimplemented in the AR System are explained in this section. In the UNIXenvironment, the Multi-Processing Server feature is implemented throughmultiple daemon processes. In the Windows NT environment, the option isimplemented through multiple threads within a single Windows NT Service.You should be familiar with the specific features of your system.Using the Multi-Processing Server feature improves system throughput andperformance by distributing the load. For example, using several serversenables the AR System to do multiple database searches in parallel. Ifsearches are taking too long, increasing the number of servers can improve theperformance.The AR System Multi-Processing Server feature is scalable from a singleadministration server doing all server functions to multiple servers doingspecific functions. The servers adapt to the configuration parameters defined,and they spread the load. You determine what amount of operating systemresources to dedicate to the AR System.Figure 3-3 illustrates how the arservtcd controller server handles requestsfrom version 2.0 (or later) clients and administers AR System servers in amulti-processing server environment.3-8 Action Request System Administrator’s Guide, Volume 2

The Multi-Processing Server Feature and the AR SystemRemedyAdministratorClientAR System AR SystemAPI Program API Program ClientarservtcdAdministrationServerFastServersEscalationServerFlashboardsServerListServersPrivateServersDatabaseFigure 3-3Multi-Processing Server EnvironmentThe Multi-Processing Server feature provides the following advantages:■■■Transparency—All multi-processing activities take place transparentlywithin the API.Scalability—You can add additional servers as needed.Dedicated servers—Users can run dedicated private servers.AR System Servers 3-9

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