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Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

■Gains—It provides a

■Gains—It provides a distinct and measurable gain in throughput andperformance.Figure 3-4 shows how the multi-processing server design works and shows thedifferent servers and their RPC program numbers.arservtcd(RPC 390604)Fast1 Fast2(RPC 390620-390634)Administration(RPC 390600)Private Private2(RPC 390680-390694)List1 List2 List3 Escalation(RPC 390635-390669) (RPC 390603)Flashboards(RPC 390619)Figure 3-4Multi-Processing Server DesignYou can start as many servers as you need. There are six types of AR Systemservers:■■■■■■AdministrationFastListEscalationFlashboardsPrivateThe following sections describe the different types of servers. Where itappears, the ar configuration file is the configuration file of your system. ForWindows NT, this file is ar.cfg. For UNIX, this file is ar.conf.Administration ServerThe administration server is an AR System server that can perform anyoperation within the system. It performs all administrative restructuringoperations, guaranteeing the serialization and integrity of all restructuringoperations. There can be only one administration server at any time.3-10 Action Request System Administrator’s Guide, Volume 2

Fast ServersIn addition to its role as the restructure server, the administration server isalso the main server for older clients that do not support the Multi-ProcessingServer feature capabilities. In the worst case (all older clients with a multiprocessingserver running), the administration server would handle alloperations from all clients.Fast ServersFast servers handle all the fast operations of the AR System, that is, theoperations that generally run to completion quickly without blocking access tothe database. The fast servers handle all server operations except foradministrative operations that restructure the database (which use theadministration server) and the ARExport, ARGetListEntry, andARGetEntryStatistics API calls (which use list servers). See the ActionRequest System Programmer’s Guide for more information about API calls.To use fast servers efficiently and to keep a balanced load on them, theconnection between a client and a fast server resets every 30 minutes. Thisresults in an evenly distributed load on the system with a reduced chance ofheavy traffic on a single fast server. Users might move between fast serversoccasionally, but this is transparent to them.Remedy User operations that use a fast server include the following:■ Scrolling through multiple records■ Generating reports■ Modifying multiple records■ Submitting multiple records■ Generating lists of forms and fieldsMost sites need only two fast servers. However, larger sites might benefit byusing additional fast servers. To configure the number of fast servers, see“Configuring the Multi-Processing Server Feature” on page 3-16.List ServersList servers handle operations of the AR System that might requiresignificant time and block access to the database. These operations include:ARExport, ARGetListEntry, and ARGetEntryStatistics.AR System Servers 3-11

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