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Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

Firewall 1 Firewall

Firewall 1 Firewall 2Notificationserverport 1050 port 2020Notificationclientnfy configuration file settings:Register-With-Portmapper: FNotifier-Specific-Port: 1050Figure 3-7Environment settings:NTTCPPORT = 1050NTTCPCLIENTPORT = 2020Sample Notification Client Access Without a PortmapperIf a client has ARRPC set in addition to ARTCPPORT, the client connects to theprivate server specified by ARRPC through the port specified by ARTCPPORT. Formore information about setting the ARRPC environment variable, see“Configuring Clients” on page 3-25.For a client to access multiple servers without using a portmapper, thoseservers must be configured to use the same TCP port.For more information about specifying port numbers through the client tools,see “Configuring Clients” on page 3-25.Assigning TCP Port Numbers to ServersWhen using multi-processing servers, you can assign a TCP port number to aspecific server. This is done for AR System servers by adding a port numberentry in the ar configuration file. Assigning port numbers to themulti-processing server is optional and, if configured, is done automatically byarservtcd. You can also assign a TCP port number to a specific notificationserver by creating the nfy configuration file and adding a port number entry.Note:If you assign a TCP port number to a specific server, do notspecify a port number already in use or reserved. If the specifiedport number cannot be used, the server does not start.3-22 Action Request System Administrator’s Guide, Volume 2

Assigning TCP Port Numbers to Servers➤Assigning a Port Number to an AR System Server1. Stop the AR System server.2. Open the ar configuration file.3. Enter the port number in the following format:Sybase-Server-Name: JUNEBUGServer-directory: C:\REMEDY\ARSERVER\DBMax-Fast-Daemons: 2Max-List-Daemons: 5Escalation-Daemon: TFast-Specific-Port: 997List-Specific-Port: 1002TCD-Specific-Port: 1010Admin-Specific-Port: 1020Notifier-Specific-Port: 1050Register-With-Portmapper: FDo not assign port numbers that conflict with port numbers used by otherapplications or other programs running on your system. To find out whichport numbers are already in use, use the rpcinfo -p command (UNIX) orthe netstat -a command (Windows NT) at the command line prompt. Ifyou do not check available ports, you might assign port numbers thatconflict with other applications, and your servers might not start asexpected.Only one port is specified for fast and list servers, even though theremight be multiple servers running. The port specified is used by the firstserver, while subsequent servers use succeeding ports. If you are runningtwo fast servers and five list servers with the configuration shown in theprevious example, they use the ports listed in Figure 3-8.AR System Servers 3-23

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