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Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

Admin. Guide Vol. 2 - NC State Remedy Implementation

• To set

• To set ARTCPPORT:#include main(){...if ( putenv("ARTCPPORT=") != 0 ) {fprint(stderr, "putenv failed, out of memory/n);exit(1);}...}• To set NTTCPPORT:#include main(){...if ( putenv("NTTCPPORT=") != 0 ) {fprint(stderr, "putenv failed, out of memory/n);exit(1);}...}• To set NTTCPCLIENTPORT:#include main(){...if ( putenv("NTTCPCLIENTPORT=") != 0) {fprint(stderr, "putenv failed, out of memory/n);exit(1);}...}3-30 Action Request System Administrator’s Guide, Volume 2

Macintosh ClientsMacintosh ClientsEnvironment variables for Macintosh clients are set in the config file.Note:If multiple users use the same Macintosh computer, a separateclient must be installed for each user. Each installation includesits own config file. Do not share config files.➤Configuring Macintosh Clients for a Private Server■Add the following line to the config file before starting the client:RPCSocketNumber:Notification SystemWhen you create a filter or escalation, you specify whether the AR Systemsends a notification by using Remedy Notifier, email, the user’s defaultnotification method, or a file. This section describes:■■■■The notification server.How Remedy Notifier connects with the AR System.How notifications are delivered from the AR System server to RemedyNotifier (or other notification API client).How the nfy configuration file is used.For information about other methods of notification delivery, see the ActionRequest System Administrator’s Guide, Volume 1.The Notification ServerThe notification server handles notifications sent to Remedy Notifier. OnUNIX, the server is composed of two processes—ntserverd and ntsendd. Thentserverd process handles login communication between Remedy Notifierand the AR System server, and it receives notifications from that server. Thentsendd process completes the login process for Remedy Notifier and routesnotifications to it.AR System Servers 3-31

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