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The School Board of St. Lucie County Code of Student Conduct

The School Board of St. Lucie County Code of Student Conduct


LEVEL 3 – DISCIPLINE RESPONSE CODELevel 3 offenses include but are not limited to: repeated acts of misconduct, serious disruptions of theorderly conduct of school, threats to the health, safety and property of self or others, and other acts ofserious misconduct. Such offenses may occur in a classroom, during a school function,extracurricular/co-curricular program or on approved transportation. .Acts of misconduct must be reported immediately to the school administrator, and may result inimmediate removal of the student from the school or extracurricular/co-curricular activity and in thecase of criminal act, notification of Law Enforcement or School Board Security.The Principal/Designee, after review of the student’s explanation, investigation, and appropriateintervention(s), will determine the appropriate disciplinary action.* Reports as a SESIRLEVEL 3A3* AssaultIntimidation/Threatof StudentC3* Fighting (MutualAltercation)An intentional threat by word or act to do physical harmto another student, coupled with an apparent ability todo so, or an intentional threat by word or act to usedeadly force against another student, whether or notthe student has the apparent ability to use such force.Mutual participation in a fight involving physicalviolence, where there is no one main offender and nomajor injury. Does not include verbal confrontations,tussles, or other major confrontations.D3*E3*ForgeryGamblingThe making of a false or misleading communicationwhether orally, in writing, or by other medium to schoolstaff member with either the intent to deceive the staffmember or under circumstances which would bereasonably calculated to deceive the staff member,together with the intent or effect of depriving any personof property or possessions.(NOTE: Reported to SESIR as Other Major Misconduct)The act of playing a game for financial gain.(NOTE: Reported to SESIR as Other Major Misconduct)F3GrossInsubordinationWillful refusal to submit to or comply with authority;exhibiting open contempt or open resistance to directorder.15

G3B*BullyingBullying is defined in School Board Policy 3.43,Bullying and Harassment, set forth in Appendix A to thisCode.G3H*HarassmentHarassment is defined in School Board Policy 3.43,Bullying and Harassment, set forth in Appendix A to thisCode.H3* Larceny/Theft($300.00 or more)The unauthorized taking, carrying, riding away, orconcealing the property (value is $300.00 or more) ofanother without the permission of the person andwithout threat, violence, or bodily harm.I3Misuse ofTelecommunicationServicesMisuse of telecommunication services or networking forillegal, inappropriate, or obscene purposes, or insupport of such activities, shall be prohibited. Illegalactivities shall include all acts defined as a violation oflocal, state, or federal laws. Inappropriate use includesany act that violates or is inconsistent with the District'smission, goals, policies, procedures, or curriculum,including, but not limited to, use for bullying orharassment or use that violates the StudentResponsible Computer, Network, and Internet UsePolicy set forth in this Code. Obscene activities includeall acts that violate generally accepted social standardsfor use of a publicly owned and operatedcommunication vehicle. In cases of substantialdisruption, such misconduct may be the basis forexpulsion.WARNING: The taking, possessing, disseminating,transferring, or sharing of obscene, pornographic, lewd,or otherwise illegal images or photographs, whether byelectronic data transfer or otherwise (commonly calledtexting, sexting, e-mailing, etc.), is a violation of SchoolBoard policy and may also constitute a crime understate and/or federal law. A wireless communicationsdevice containing obscene, pornographic, lewd, orother otherwise illegal images or photographs shall beconfiscated until an investigation is concluded and maybe permanently confiscated if found to be an instrumentof evidence, or criminal misconduct. Any personpossessing, taking, disseminating, transferring, orsharing obscene, pornographic, lewd, or otherwiseillegal images or photographs will be reported to lawenforcement and/or other appropriate state or federalagencies, which may result in arrest and prosecution.In serious cases, an offense involving obscene,pornographic, lewd, or otherwise illegal images or16

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