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The School Board of St. Lucie County Code of Student Conduct

The School Board of St. Lucie County Code of Student Conduct


possession of an item of contraband and voluntarilysurrenders the item to a responsible staff member thestudent encounters following his/her determination ofpossession, and prior to the initiation of anyinvestigation or search of the student that might haveuncovered such item, then, the student may be eligiblefor mitigation, in whole or in part, of the disciplinaryresponse of out-of-school suspension.M3* SexualHarassmentUnwelcome statements or physical behavior that havesexual connotations and are severe or pervasiveenough to create an intimidating, hostile, or offensiveeducational environment, cause discomfort orhumiliation, or unreasonably interferes with anindividual’s school performance or participation,including but not limited to any demand for a sexualfavor under threat of physical harm or other adverseconsequence.N3Tampering withSchool Safety andSecurity EquipmentWillful or malicious tampering with school safety and/orsecurity equipment.O3Tobacco(possession, use)The possession, use, distribution or sale of tobaccoproducts or electronic cigarettes on school systemproperty, at a school function or extracurricular/cocurricularactivity by any person under the age of 18years old. NOTE: If student is 18 years old or over useL3 Possession of Contraband.P3*Q3TrespassingVandalism($ 100.00 to$ 999.99)The act of any persons who enter or remain on campusor school board facility, a school sponsored event offcampus, or school transportation after being directed toleave by the chief administrator or designee of thefacility, campus or function. This includes any studententering or remaining on campus, at a schoolsponsored event off campus, or on schooltransportation while subject to a suspension orexpulsion from school.Damage or defilement of school system property or theproperty of others. The willful and/or maliciousdestruction, damage or defacement of public or privateproperty, real or personal, without the consent of theowner or the person having custody or control of it.This category of misconduct includes graffiti.19

R3S3Misuse of nonprescriptionmedicationPossession of DrugParaphernaliaMisuse of any non-prescription (“over-the-counter”)medication or supplement, including but not limited to(1) any use inconsistent with the manufacturer’sdirections or generally accepted guidelines and/or (2)any distribution or use with the intended or actual effectof inducing physical, emotional, or behavioral changethat either (a) is contrary to the will of the actual user, or(b) exceeds the change that such medication orsupplement was designed to induce.Possession or purchase of drug paraphernalia. Drugparaphernalia shall be confiscated.T3Battery WithoutSerious BodilyHarmAny intentional act by a student that results in astudent, employee or other adult being touched againsttheir will by a person or object. It is not necessary thatthere be an intent to touch another person; it is onlynecessary to find that there was an intent to act in sucha way that another person was touched against theirwill by such action. The touching is more than mereincidental contact but it does not result in serious bodilyharm. Law enforcement may or may not be consulted.20

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