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The School Board of St. Lucie County Code of Student Conduct

The School Board of St. Lucie County Code of Student Conduct


JURISDICTION OF THE SCHOOL BOARDSt. Lucie County Public School students are subject to the rules and regulations of the St. Lucie CountySchool Board. The Code of Student Conduct applies to students during the time students are waiting for schooltransportation, being transported to and from school at public expense, attending school, and participating inschool-sponsored activities.In addition to the foregoing, the student may be subject to the Code of Student Conduct for off-campusactivities whenever the conduct of the student is deemed to have a detrimental effect on the health, safety, andwelfare of other students or of the school.Please note that students may be subject to discipline for violation of the Code, regardless of the time or placewhere the conduct occurs, if the conduct substantially disrupts work or discipline on-campus or on other SchoolBoard owned or controlled property or during a school-sponsored program. Students may also be subject todiscipline under the Code as well as potential criminal penalties for violence against any School District staffregardless of where such conduct occurs.PHILOSOPHYThe primary objective of the St. Lucie County School System is to develop each student’s potential forlearning and to foster positive interpersonal relationships. If this is to be accomplished, it is necessary that theschool environment be free of disruptions which interfere with teaching and learning activities. The student’sconduct determines to a great extent the full development of his/her potential for learning and the development ofpositive relationships.The purpose of this document is to assist students, parents, teachers, and school administrators in themaintenance of an environment, which will enhance the achievement of the objective. To be fully effective, theCode of Student Conduct addresses not only the role of the parents, the students and the school but also specifiesareas relative to: responsibilities and rights of students; grounds for disciplinary action; and, procedures to befollowed for acts requiring disciplinary action.Each school is permitted and encouraged to develop rules, procedures and expectations, as in school widePositive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, for student conduct. While these may not conflict with directionprovided in the district-wide Code of Student Conduct, some latitude in dealing with local school problems shallbe afforded to each school so that student discipline may be responsive to particular problems in each individualschool.MISSION STATEMENTThe mission of the St. Lucie County School District is to ensure all students graduate from safe and caringschools equipped with knowledge, skills and the desire to succeed.WE BELIEVE:• Every Child can learn, and each child can learn more that he or she is now learning• The School District and its employees have mutual obligations for support and development towardcontinuous improvement.• A healthy public school system is key to the maintenance of a healthy democracy.• The core business of the St. Lucie County School District is creating challenging, engaging, andsatisfying work for every student, every day.• Quality schools are the responsibility of the entire community.• The School District must promise continuous improvement in student achievement and in thesuccess of each individual.

The School Board of St. Lucie CountyCode of Student ConductAmended June, 2014St. Lucie County School Board4204 Okeechobee RoadFort Pierce, FL 34947(772) 429-3600Board MembersDebbie Hawley, ChairmanDr. Donna Mills, Vice ChairmanKathryn HensleyTroy IngersollCarol A. HilsonSuperintendentGenelle Zoratti Yost

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