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UCSD HireOnline Instructions (Hiring Manager) - Academic Affairs

UCSD HireOnline Instructions (Hiring Manager) - Academic Affairs

After the “Submit”

After the “Submit” button is clicked, or if the user is returning to make a hire and hasalready set the “Selection Criteria” the user will see the confirmation page below whichincludes your “Screening Criteria” in black and “Selection Criteria” in green.The user may now move forward by clicking on “Select a Candidate to Hire.”14

2. Select a candidate(s) to hire: Complete the Online Selection Report.(It is possible to hire multiple candidates using this system. Please see pageXXXXX for more details on hiring multiple candidates at different timesand/or in the event an applicant declines an offer.)Review/Confirm Selection DecisionReturn to Main MenuRECRUITMENT ACTIONIf returning to this page, allows user to edit decisionsLink to Main MenuView Selection CriteriaSelection MatrixBackground Check FormsRECRUITMENT TOOLSLink to “Selection Criteria” (in green)Link to “Selection Matrix” if you wish to work offline (seeStep 3 for instructions)Link to “Background Check” instructions and forms1. Boxes 1 through 5 correspond to the “Selection Criteria” created before thispage.(NOTE: By clicking “View Selection Criteria” in Recruitment Tools above you may viewthese while scoring)2. The Total box will automatically calculate the total score.3. In the Supervisor Decision box decide on the most appropriate disposition foreach candidate.15

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