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Lode's Computer Graphics Tutorial Fourier Transform

Lode's Computer Graphics Tutorial Fourier Transform

}changed=0;}return 0;The

}changed=0;}return 0;The functions FFT, plot and calculateAmp are identical to the ones explained earlier and aren't includedhere anymore.There's not much new in this code, the functions FFT, plot and calculateAmp are still the same, but byplaying with this program you can see the effects of Low Pass (LP), High Pass (HP) and a few otherfilters. Just follow the instructions on screen.For example, here, a signal which is the sum of 5 sines and a DC component (gotten by pressing the"p" key) is shown together with it's spectrum, and then, respectively, a LP and a HP are applied to it:The original signal:An LP Filter:

A HP FilterHere, the same is done with a step function (gotten by pressing the "e" key):An LP filter on it:A HP filter on it. This filter filters out almost only the DC component, so two almost-flat lines remain

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