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Caret Report - Iowa State University

Caret Report - Iowa State University

Enhancing food

Enhancing food safetyProtecting natural resourcesNEW TECHNOLOGY PATENTEDTO IMPROVE MEAT SAFETYIowa State scientists are using a novelattack to battle salmonella bacteria inlivestock. Animal scientists patentedthe first bacteriophage — a virus thatkills harmful bacteria — to reducethe spread of salmonellain swine. Researchhas shown thatthe product caneffectively reducethe presence ofsalmonella in beef,poultry, lamb orpork products.ENHANCING CIDER SAFETYFOR IOWA’S APPLE PROCESSORSIowa State’s food scientists are trainingapple cider producers to ensure safeprocesses. Researchers found thatpasteurization reduces the presenceof microorganisms, eliminatingE. coli bacteria from sampledcider. The project aims tostrengthen the economicviability of apple growersand cider processorswhile enhancing thequality and safetyof their products.ON-FARM MILKER TRAININGHELPS DAIRIES IMPROVE INCOMEHot, humid summers in the UpperMidwest frequently cause spikes indairy herds’ somatic cell count, anindicator of cow health problems thatresults in a loss of income to dairyowners. ISU Extension collaboratedwith a milk plant field rep and herdveterinarians to investigate milkquality issues on several Iowa farms,and to train on-farm milkers. Thefarms improved their somatic cellcounts, boosting income from milkquality bonuses in the range of$5,250 to $14,700 a month for a1,000-cow dairy.AWARD-WINNING DESIGNADVANCES FERTILIZER PRECISIONAgricultural engineers designed anew type of fertilizer applicator thatpromises to help the environmentwhile saving farmers money.The “Impellicone” technology moreaccurately controls anhydrous ammoniaapplication, meaning less nitrogenleaching and a reduction in costs forfarmers. The American Society ofAgricultural Engineers (ASAE) nameda fertilizer application system a topnew technology of 2004. TheImpellicone technology has beenlicensed for commercialization.COMPOST DISPOSAL AN ANSWERFOR MAJOR DISEASE OUTBREAKSIowa State research will help protectthe environment and reduce diseasetransmission in the event of a large-scalelivestock disease outbreak. Followingthe foot-and-mouth disease outbreakin Great Britain in 2001, Iowa Statestudied the use of composting toaddress large-scale disposal offarm animals. Now in its thirdyear, the research shows that ISUcomposting procedures are aneffective, environmentally soundway to deal with a disease emergencyin the livestock industry.IOWA PRODUCERS GET TOOLTO HELP MANAGE PHOSPHORUSA scientific tool developed by IowaState and the U.S. Department ofAgriculture is helping farmers meetfederal phosphorus managementguidelines. Factors, including phosphorussources, slope of the land and thepresence of subsurface drainage, areplugged into a spreadsheet and theP-Index Calculator then estimatesthe potential risk of phosphorusmovement. Changes have been madeto the calculator to make it morecustomer-friendly and additionalrefinements are expected as moreresearch results become available.

Council for Agricultural Research, Extension, and TeachingImpact, Jobs and ConsumersCONGRESSIONAL DISTRICTSFOOD CHAIN LINKS GATE TO PLATE 1 2 3 4 5 STATE TOTAL5431Total food chain employment* 65,847 64,790 56,704 77,624 84,057 349,023Total employment 367,017 401,599 440,364 358,725 342,229 1,909,934Food chain as a percent of total employment 17.94% 16.13% 12.88% 21.64% 24.56% 18.27%2Population 583,446 592,106 601,104 604,790 562,616 2,944,062LINKS TO IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY 1 2 3 4 5 GRAND TOTALMost undergraduate and graduatestudents enrolled at Iowa State comefrom Iowa. Total enrollment was 25,972.Education 2,587 2,229 3,953 6,605 3,348 18,722ISU Extension serves families, producers and businessesthroughout Iowa. One example is the number of ruraland urban youth who participate in 4-H.Extension 25,488 19,731 13,710 27,154 37,855 123,938* includes employment on farms; agricultural services, forestry, fishing, etc.; farmmachinery and equipment dealers; farm supply wholesalers; wholesale farmcommodity marketers; farm machinery/equipment manufacturers; ag chemicaland fertilizer manufacturers; food processing manufacturers; wholesale fooddistributors; grocers and other food stores; restaurants and other eating establishments.Iowa State has more than 175,000 alumni around theworld. About 66 percent of College of Agriculturegraduates stay in Iowa for their first jobs.Alumni 7,270 9,022 20,552 24,677 8,677 70,198

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